"What can you see?" by Pastor Emmanuel Olorunnisola

Pastor Emmanuel Femi Olorunnisola

"I will climb up into my watchtower now and wait to see what the LORD will say to me and how he will answer my complaint." - Habakkuk 2: 1, NLT.

We all have questions at this time. Our world is ravaged with pandemic and in pandemonium. Like, the Prophet Habakkuk, he was eager to see what God was saying about him and things around him, and God opened his eyes to see himself the way God was seeing him. When he saw the vision, he ran with it to fulfill it. When God called Jeremiah, he asked him this question: "What can you see?"

"The Lord asked me,  'What can you see?' And I said I see... Then the Lord said, 'You have seen well, for I will hasten my Word to perform it'." - Jeremiah 1:11-12.

When God wants to change your life and manifest His glory in your life, He puts the picture of your future into your life. God will make you see yourself the way He is seeing you and wants you to be. The way you see yourself now determines what you pursue and your attitude towards it. If you see yourself as a success, you will pursue success. If you see yourself as a nobody, so will it be. You will always act like the person you see yourself to be. Otherwise, you will be fooling yourself. What you see is what you become. Take a cue from Gideon who acted like a coward, but the Angel called him 'a mighty man of valor'. When he saw himself as the mighty  man, he became the mighty man.

The way you see your future will also determine your attitude towards it. Joseph saw himself as a great leader, and he never allowed his dream to die in Portiphar's house nor in prison. The way you see your life will determine what you believe about yourself.

The people of Israel saw themselves as grasshoppers in the land God promised them, and they could not possess the land.What you see determines what grows in your heart - faith or fear. There is a vision about your life and your future that God will always give you. God may reveal it to others too, but in order for it to be fulfilled in you, God will make you see it yourself.

The vision will ...
Activate  your orientation
Stimulate your passion
Revitalize  your information
Articulate your instructions
Mobilize your provisions
Attract your connections
Order your direction
Organize your association,  and
Energize your mission.

However,  the only person that truly sees the vision well is you. Your vision defines you. Nobody can define you above themselves. When people define you, they do it based on what they can see in you, and that could confine you to their domain, because they cannot fully see your vision for you. That is when you see it through the eyes of your Maker. Nobody can see your vision for you - not your parents, not your pastor, not your friends, not the government, not the media, not the social media, not the super or mega stars, not even the world. When they see it, they may give you different meanings because they will not be able to understand it like the one who reveals it to you. And everybody will have their own version of your vision. That will always bring confusion. Many lives are in confusion right now because they allow others to see what God is revealing for them. They may not even see the right thing. Many have been confined because they have allowed other people to see their vision for them. The people will now give a wrong interpretation of their vision. Remember when Joseph had his dreams and shared with his father and brothers, they could not believe it and even tried to fight it because it was beyond what they could ever imagine.

That is why God asked the question, "What can you see?" Not what have others seen? Not what can they see for you? Not what did your pastor see? Not what did your parents see?  Not what did your president see? Not what did your teacher or professor see?

Do not let anyone see your vision or interpret your vision for you. Their opinion may not be the right conclusion. They may guide you on what to do, but surely cannot see for you. They may even see beyond what you can see, but the one who can really see what God wants you to see is you.

Let God open your eyes to see, because at the end of it all, it is you that he will ask, 'What have you done with what I made you to see?'

Many may see destruction and evil, but what can you see?
Others may see difficulties, but what can you see?
Some may see no solution to the situation, but what can you see?

"The Word of the Lord came to me the second time saying, "What can you see?" - Jeremiah 1:13

When the Lord reveals it, He will surely unveil it for you to possess it.
The question is: Can you even see what God is saying at all?

Why not pray like Elisha prayed for his servant, and like the blind man Bartimaeus prayed to Jesus, "Open my eyes Lord that I may see."

May be you have seen it before but could no longer see it well again, then you need to pray this way: "Touch my eyes Lord, to see again."

What is God saying concerning your life? What is God revealing about you and to you?
When God want to do something with you, he puts the picture in your vision. And he will ask "What can you see?" If you could see what he is revealing, he promised to hasten his Word to perform it. And he will surely do it.

Many could not align with the vision of God for their lives and could not run to meet up with it, because they could not see it. It is what you see that God will perform.

I want you to pray and tell God, "Open my eyes O God to see myself the way you are seeing me, and to see what you are saying to me, so that I will run with the vision even as you hasten your Word to perform it in my life. In Jesus Mighty name I pray. Amen.

God bless you real good.

Your friend and brother 
Pastor Emmanuel Femi Olorunnisola
CAC Living Waters, York, Pennsylvania USA.
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