Cleric urges Christians to go back to the Bible, says church leaders should stop revival without the Bible

Pastor Israel T. Ariyo 

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The District Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Pentecostal District, Life and Power Zone, Lagos, Pastor Israel T. Ariyo has urged Christians to go back to the Bible, saying that church leaders should stop so-called revival without the Bible.

Pastor Ariyo stated this while ministering on the topic "Go Back to the Bible" at the Bible Study of CAC Pentecostal tagged Eternal Treasure Hour which was live streamed on the official Facebook Page of the assembly with the memory verse taken from John chapter 6 verse 63.

He said the picture of the present day church is a reflection of a house collapsing, adding that basic principles or standards of God expected are not taught again in homes and schools because they are either not known by the parents/progenitors or not passed across.

According to him, the result is proliferation of body of Christ and society far from spiritual truths and if there is going to be any recovery or revival in sight, it is time for us particularly the Church to go back to the blueprint, road map - the Bible.

While speaking about the Seven Truths About Potency of the Bible, Pastor Ariyo said they are the infallibility and inspiration of the Holy Bible  (2 Tim. 3:16), the living and supernatural power of the Bible (Heb. 4:12; Isaiah. 55:11) and the Bible is pure and absolute solid truth, the sanctifying and cleansing effect of the Bible (John 17:17; Eph. 5: 26)

The Cleric said the five biblical elements missing in the modern Church are true gospel, biblical qualified leaders, converts with fruits (in the word of Lin Cartwright, "end time God's own converts are sorry of ethical values". Jesus wants fruits not just leaves) and discipleship, active and accountable church discipline.

According to him, seven powers of the Bible are revelational power, power to refute, power of direction, power of salvation and revival, living power, healing and prosperity effect and staff of the shepherd for edification of the body of Christ.

"If the passion you create for your premier league club is not equal to the one you give to God, you need to go back to the Bible. if the time you consume on browsing or chatting on social media is higher than the degree you serve God, you need to go back to the Bible. Our schools, government, family altars and indeed the Church need "a go back to Bible" revolution. Church leaders should stop so-called revival without the Bible. There is no substitute to this eternal treasure given to the world for global sanity. Let's go back to the Bible," he concluded.

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