"Following Jesus" by Pastor Gbenga Aluko

TEXT LUKE 24:1-12
TEXT’S CROSS REFRENCES: MATT.28:1-8, MARK 16:1-11, JOHN 20:1-8
TOPIC: Following Jesus

This study will be carried out using the following sub-headings:

Jesus’ followers at His resurrection
How to follow Jesus correctly at this end time


Heb.12:2 says looking unto Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith, our looking will be beneficial to us and the master we behold if we are conforming to His image even as we gaze at Him, 2 Cor. 3:18 paraphrased says ….see His glory….. Are changed into His glorious Image. When our lives, actions, inactions is tending towards that of our Master, Lord and Saviour then we can be said to be His followers, just like the disciples in Antioch people observed them and called them Christians (Acts 11:26). May we receive grace to do this even as we joyously celebrate His resurrection in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

Jesus’ followers at His resurrection

They were heading to a wrong place: Luke 24:1, heading to the sepulchre near Golgotha outside Jerusalem while they were supposed to be heading to Galilee, He told them this earlier Matt.26:32, Mark 14:28. An angel and Jesus however corrected them. Matt 28:7&10.

They were forgetful: Luke 24:8 then they remembered that he had said this after they were told that He had told them he would rise they then remembered. Are we any better today? James 1:23-24 paraphrased says anyone who hears His word and does not carry it out is like a man who looks at the mirror and forgets how he looks like.

They were unbelievers: Luke 24:11, how hurt will the saviour be looking at the reactions of His beloved followers in the referenced scripture, are our attitudes making Jesus happy even while we are celebrating Easter (His resurrection).

They were equipped with the wrong tools and intention : Mark 16:1 burial spices for a resurrected saviour what a confusion, the BURIAL SPICES(WRONG TOOL) is wrong, so also is the intention to BURY(WRONG INTENTION) the body of Jesus. 

How to follow Jesus correctly

Know Him: it may be difficult/impossible to follow a person that is hardly/not sufficiently known John 10:27-28 (stop celebrating/professing believe/working for who you do not know). Do you know Jesus as you Lord and saviour whose resurrection we are celebrating today? Do you know Jesus and does he know you? Doing exploits for Jesus starts with the knowledge of Him.Dan.11:32b

Read &Study His word, believe it and be a diligent doer of it : Ps. 119:105 says thy word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path, the word of God leading someone is God leading that person, God is His word John 1:1.

Wait for His Spirit: Jesus after mentoring His followers for about three years knew what some of them would do to Him and the cause for which He came, they lacked the requisite power to be correct followers. Luke 24:49, Rom.8:14, John 4:24, God is spirit to follow Him correctly you must be spiritual. 

The followers of Jesus which is made up of the disciples and others (although after Pentecost became different) may be excused on some grounds during their bad followership: they didn’t have what we now have the bible, the Holy Spirit was not fully operational, and no one has ever resurrected before then let alone Lazarus which he brought to life among others (how/who will bring Himself to life, they possibly thought), we have no excuse today to be a bad follower. None will be taken when he returns suddenly as promised John 14:3 when everything is ready I will come and get you so you will always be with me where I am.be a correct follower today.


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