"Stay at home, stay safe" by Evangelist Esther Ogunbayeje

“And they went into the ark to Noah, two by two, of all flesh in which is the breath of life. So those that entered, male and female of all flesh, went in as God had commanded him, and the LORD shut him in ...only Noah and those who were with him in the ark remained alive.” Genesis 7: 15-24.

Is the Bible not complete? God knows that home is the best place for safety and protection from the troubles that are outside. God knows that we need to go out for our daily activities, but we return home for relaxation. He created the home to be a place of comfort, protection, joy, and love. Genesis 2:15-22. Home, sweet home, it is not surprising that governments ask everyone to stay at home because it is believed that, children develop and are best protected in their home environment, adults also enjoy and relax in their home setting because it is different from the official environment
These days, due to the pressure of work and care for family needs, we stay longer hours outside the home but for the coronavirus that is forcing us to stay at home, which makes things more difficult and inconvenient for most people. Yet for some people, not being able to go home or get back home to their loved ones due to the pandemonium and cancellation of flights is heart-wrenching. But, either at home with family members or far away with no means of rejoining them, there is a place of safety, a home that is everywhere all the time, a home that is solidly built and available to shield all those that run into it for safety, this is the presence of the Most High God. Just as Noah entered the ark together with his family and the other creatures and they were saved from the flood, those who come to God now are sure of protection because  “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty” Psalm 91:1

Therefore, what should you do?

Run inside Him- run inside the name that is above all names, the name of Jesus is a strong tower, it is big enough to hide all that take shelter in it. It is a place of refuge from any disease, pestilence, plague or death. This is a strong shelter that cannot be destroyed by any storm of the virus because “The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run to it and are safe” Proverb 18:10. Run into it together with your family and you will be saved.

Have faith in Him- have confidence in Him, believe that He can keep and protect you. Faith is a weapon of warfare against the invisible enemy, it is also a prerequisite for living a victorious life because the just shall live by it. If God does not sleep or slumber, He can and will surely keep you from all evils “He who keeps you will not slumber, behold he who keeps Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep...the LORD shall preserve you from all evils” Psalm 121: 3-7.

Wash your hands and heart clean from physical and spiritual dirt’s- One of the criteria for going into the mountain of the Lord is having clean hands. Now we are told to wash our hands with soap and water often to guard against coronavirus but the best soap and water to wash spiritual dirt’s away is the word of God. We must wash both spiritual and physical germs away. The spiritual germs are sins. They kill faster than any deadly virus when they can contaminate our hands. “Who may ascend into the hill of the Lord?...He who has clean hands and pure hearts” Psalm 24: 2.  As we sanctify our hearts, so we need to make sure our environments are clean. We cannot be serving a Holy God and be living in dirtiness. Uncleanness and pollution attract diseases. God hates dirt’s; He hates pollution, Satan loves them because he can use them as instrument of breeding and spreading diseases and germs.

Cast fear away- The only fear that must be allowed in your hearts must be the fear of the LORD. He is the only one to be reverenced at all times. He is Sovereign, He is supreme above all. He is the one with the ultimate decision overall. Virus should never be reverence because God is above it, it has beginning and an end, but God does not. God has never given you the spirit of fear so you must never allow fear of any kind to dwell in your heart “ For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and love and of a sound mind” 2 Timothy 1:7.

Stay at home- Stay in the presence of God and never get bored of His company. Stay at home; stay safe, do not expose yourself unnecessarily. Stay at home, only those who stay inside Him are protected.

Why you should stay at home?

A  There  are dangers outside:

i. There are fowlers Psalm 91:3
ii. There are snares of fowlers Psalm 91:3
iii. There are perilous pestilence Psalm 91:3
iv. There are terror by night Psalm 91:5
v. There are arrows that fly by daytime Psalm 91: 6
vii. There are pestilence that walks in darkness Psalm 91:6
viii. There are destructions that lay waste in the noon Psalm 91:6
ix. There are things that can make people fall Psalm 91:7
x. There are plagues that roam about Psalm 91:10

B.  Christians must not be careless because:

i. Christians can be harmed by even what they eat 2 Kings 4: 38-39
ii. Anybody can die e.g Lazarus John 11
iii. Christians, even ministers can be sick e.g. Elisha  2 kings 13:14

C. But God can also protect those who abide in Him because,

i. He can protect them as the apple of His eyes psalm 17: 8-9
ii. He can keep them in perfect peace Isaiah 26:3
iii. He can give them power to overcome all evils Psalm 91:13-14.
iv. He can guide them away from evils Psalm 121: 8
v. He can surround them with His glory and fire Zechariah 2:5

Some examples of His protection over His people are:

Noah and his family. Genesis 7
The children of Israel in the land of Goshen. Exodus12.
Rahab and those who stayed in her house. Joshua 2:17-21, 6:17-25 etc.

 Stay at home in God’s presence in prayers and studying His word. It is a time for reflection and doing things that will edify your spirit. It is also a time to dream of how to be a solution to the world and of what can be done to reach out to others as well as expanding the kingdom of God.

Finally, the benefits of staying at home are innumerable. Only those who stay under God’s cover are sure of protection from all forms of evil, irrespective of their names, nature or numbers. Only those who abide in the secret place of the Almighty God are sure of perfect protection from the hawks of destruction. Stay at home with God, enjoy His love and perfect protection.

Evangelist Esther Ogunbayeje 
Christ Apostolic Church
United Kingdom
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