"Sincerity" Evang. Afolabi Ayomide

TOPIC: Sincerity
TEXTS: Ephesians 6:5-6; 1 Corinthians 3:18-20

MEANING OF SINCERITY: Sincerity is a state of being honest, candid, truthful, and trustworthy with loyalty. A person needs to learn to accept for example, his height, hair texture, colour, appearance, family, environment, health status, background, financial strength, among others.

Dr. Watt was a renowned medical doctor, highly intellectual, efficient, industrious, and influential with great affluence. He was a man everyone around him wished to meet, being a very successful man in his career. It was a divine privilege for Dr. Watt to have a young and brilliant medical student posted to serve under him for houseman-ship. The little boy was indeed a blessing as he was able to solve lots of problems even more than most of the so-called experienced practitioners in the hospital. Unnumbered cases of diabetes, gonorrhea, cancers, and many other diseases were proffered solution to by the practicing student. What a gifted child!

So painful was the shock as the boy heard on a fateful morning that his boss just passed away, having silently suffered much from diabetes for a good number of years. On a very important note, Sincerity is one of those things most Christians of today pay little or no attention to. All that say is "just that little lie?". Just as the young medical doctor died of a sickness whose treatment he never cared to received from the little all because of his status in comparison with his own, so are some careless Christians daring to slip into an eternity of irreparable loss in that they only profess to be Christ's but are insincere to jettison their fake-but-genuine-looking Christian lifestyle. May we not be eternally doomed for such a shameful and careless negligence in Jesus Name. Amen.

• It hinders genuine repentance. Hence, victims remain impenitent with hardened heart - 2 Cor. 7:10

• It hinders revival in today's church.

• It leads to distrust and disrespect.

• It hinders ministerial fulfilment - 2 Kings 5:27

• It subjects its victims to suffer much and more in unpleasant situations/conditions - Acts 3:19-21

• Victims remain slaves to more other sins, thus, they become prone to perdition.

• It hides victims from helpers/benefactors - 1 Kings 17:12

• Genuine salvation
• Regeneration of the heart
• Through regular medication in the Scripture
• Total mortification of the flesh
• Practical Christian lifestyle of truthfulness
• Speaking the truth in love - Eph. 4:15
• Taking time to build a bridge of relationship that will bear the weight of truth. Hence, do not exaggerate and do not tell lies.

• It opens door to genuine salvation - Acts 16:30
• It allows God to work upon our shortcomings toward perfection - Jer. 1:6-10; Mark 9:24
• It locks up door to shame and failure in leadership - Acts 20:26-28
• It makes us faithful in our service before God - 2 Timothy 2:15
• It paves way for timely deliverance - James 5:16
• It earns us a reputable image of respect, trust, integrity, and transparency - Acts 20:33-34
• It is a valid opportunity to challenge God for victory in times of adversities and persecutions - 2 Kings 20:2-6
• It strengthens love, trust, and respect between couples.

Sincerity is what we ought to practice even in every of our dealings, be it small or great details. This cuts across both followers and leaders in all settings and which however prompts God to perform His own duty. Moreover a leader is expected to live reputable life worthy of emulation (1 Corinthians 11:1). Three different people for instance, are to be sincere to, lest one's life lies in danger of self-destruction. First is your doctor through whom the very right drugs for your quick recovery are prescribed when you fall sick. Second is your Pastor who through the leading of the Holy Spirit, is led to herald your deliverance and salvation even with intersession. Third is your lawyer who even despite knowing vividly that you are guilty still knows how to defend you and make you a discharged and acquainted. In a nutshell, the greatest sin in life is to deceive oneself. Beware!

Below is an illustration of individua's duties:
√ Followers: Confidence in leaders; Cooperation; and Caution.
√ Leaders: Character; Clarity; and Consistency
√ God: Appearance; Assumption of Office; and Actions. Shalom.

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