INTERVIEW: How insecurity challenges in Nigeria can be resolved- Prophet Hezekiah

General Evangelist, CAC Worldwide, Prophet Hezekiah O. Oladeji

 General Evangelist , Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide, Prophet Hezekiah O. Oladeji , speaks on rising insecurity and other challenges facing the country , in this interview with PUNCH NEWSPAPER.

How would you assess the rising insecurity in the country?

When there is no rebuke or chastisement , anything can manifest. When there is no obedience, anything can show up . Those who steal or rob, are they not someone ’s children? Christians are involved, Muslims are involved , ministers of God are not left out . What we need now is to talk to ourselves in Godly ways . We need obedience and the fear of God . If we don't have the fear of God , we are not going anywhere .

What do you think is the way out ?

The first thing we should have is contentment . Every Nigerian should be contented with what they have or what they are given. You should not be competing with others . It’s the lack of contentment that leads to all the menaces. The youth should turn back to the fear of God . With what the grace God has bestowed upon us in this country , if someone is not lazy, he will work and be able to feed his household . There are so many legitimate things one can do and will be able to put food on the table . Many of us want to live flamboyant lifestyle even while just starting a project, but we have forgotten that this life is like stairs , if one refuses to climb the normal way , such person will fall down eventually.

What steps do you think the church should take to reduce the security challenges in the country?

God owns the church . He knows how the church got here , and He knows where it’ s going. Nobody can do anything in this church except by Christ . One thing that I know is that there is no one hidden in the dark that will not be exposed . All those behind the insecurity in the country shall be exposed by God himself .

Many people are relocating to other countries for better living , what would you say about this?

If our people who travel out can endure in Nigeria the way they endure in other countries, this country would have been perfect. You know I travel overseas regularly and I know that there is nothing free in those foreign countries ; you must work before you can eat . If the units for your electricity finishes and you don’t buy new units , you will live in darkness . There was a day I was bathing , then the unit got exhausted , and the weather was cold. I just noticed that the water from the tap pouring on my body was cold, so I asked what kind of problem that was . Someone told me that the unit had been exhausted , I had to wipe off the soap on my head with the towel. I got to the gas, I couldn't use it, everything was not working . They had given us extra two points, by the time we were buying another units , they deducted the two points they had given us in advance. So , as regards the overseas they are running to, no one can live there for free . But things are working there also . We must all make Nigeria work , the leaders and the followers.

The Church in Nigeria has become polluted by the society. What’ s your take on this?

Where is the Church from ? Those who come to the body of Christ, where are they from ? Who owns the world ? God owns the world . You have forgotten that before the Church , some persons gathered the people . It’ s like throwing a net into the river . When you throw the net into the river , you will catch so many creatures , you will even gather stones ; nevertheless , there will be real fish. There are so many things happening. I am aware that those who are in the church are in the church for various reasons . Those who go to church for the salvation of their souls are very few.

What do you have to say about the increasing number of false prophets especially in CAC ?

Nemesis will catch up with all the false prophets in CAC very soon . As you know , we are working on this , very soon , everything will come to an end .

There are so many prayer mountains , especially by CAC pastors . Why is this so?

As an evangelistic team , any prayer mountain other than the ones by Apostle Ayo Babalola would have to be approved by us . Very soon , the church would put the control measures in place .

What has God shown you about Nigeria?

By God ’s grace , there would be restoration , but we need to be obedient. Behold , if you are obedient and keep my commandments , you will eat the fruit of the land . Whoever is disobedient does not eat the fruit of the land .

What advice would give the President at this time?

I can only pray for him . God should choose honest persons, God should choose people who understand His vision. Not everyone understands the vision. Some people vie for positions or receive appointments because of their belly , not focusing on the purpose of the appointment . I implore Nigerians to understand the vision and purpose of any appointment or assignment given to them . They should focus on the vision of the position they are occupying. I appeal to federal ministers , governors , senators and House of Representatives members to focus on the vision and purpose of their respective positions . They should focus on lifting the nation such that whatever they seek to achieve personally takes the second place . God will help them .

When did you become the General Evangelist and what were the procedures?

I was appointed on the 8th day of September 2017 and I started work in January 2018 . It is God ’s Spirit that chooses who should be appointed . I got here by the grace of God .

What are the functions of the CAC General Evangelist?

The General Evangelist of this church is usually a prophet that hears from God . He would be able to bring progress to the Church by following God ’s leading, to bring transformation to the members and to expand the kingdom of God . Those are the qualities of the evangelist.

Considering the achievements of your predecessor (Prophet S. K. Abiara), how do you plan to take the church further than where he retired?

We believe that when God appoints a man , everything God wants him to do will be done . The achievements may even be more than what the man had imagined because this seat is not an ordinary seat . It is God who appoints . Even though I am not yet renowned worldwide, this work is the work of the Lord Jesus Christ and He will do everything He wants to get done .

How and when did you receive the call to ministry?

God called me in 1983 , but I refused . I answered the call years later after two people died inside my vehicle . I was about breaking a fast when people rushed in to inform me that some people inside my vehicle were involved in an accident. They were rushed to Ife , then I cried out to Jesus for His powerful intervention. Jesus’ reply was that he had called me but I refused to heed his call . So , I asked God in prayer if the two dead persons would be brought back to life if I answered His call ? When I agreed to take up the call, God brought the two of them back to life within seven days . Around 1996 , I started gradually at my place of residence at Garage Olode , In the Ife South Local Government Area of Osun State .

What was your profession before you became a preacher of the gospel ?

I was a mechanic . That was the vocation I learnt.
What are the challenges of Christian evangelists in Nigeria ?

If an evangelist would be confronted by any challenge, it is a sign of the assignment given to him . We don’t call them problems , they are what would lift them to where they are sent . Before Elisha became a prophet, he went through Jordan and Jericho, he didn't consider the challenges on the way , because if he did , he would never receive the power of God . You know when Elijah ascended, Elisha went back and parted the water that Elijah had once parted . The power and gifts of the prophet or evangelist do not come upon a lazy person. It is not a gift you receive on the television. Prophets are people who can pray very well. There are so many prophets that have received the laying of hands to prophesy , but I didn't  receive mine like that, I prayed. There ’s no mountain I can’t climb , God directs me . I was on a white fast for 91 days . I don't stop fasting .

We have so many anointed men of God like you in Nigeria , why do we still have many problems?

The problem is that Nigerians only look at the servants of God , we don’t ask about who is Godlike in nature . You are looking at the church , pastors , prophets and the like . All these things are gifts, but how many can we point to and say this person is Godlike ? May God have mercy on us .


  1. I advise that everyone should look beyond the unification process in the church and be personally united in heart and deed to God in holy living and truth. This is the only panacea to the issue at hand in Christ Apostolic Church. Until all our leaders decisively lay off their cherished ego and selfish ambition for genuine revival of the souls of men,unification in Christ Apostolic Church is far from being realised.May God help his church. Dear youths, let us pray for God's divi be intervention in our mission, running away to other missions will only made matter worse. Our leaders, we are looking up unto you. God is and has entrusted this mission into your hands. May we never fail God.

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