Civilization should not replace holiness in life of any believer- Pastor Oladapo

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Zonal Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Life and Power Zone, Lagos, Pastor Mich 'Tunji Oladapo has stated that holiness should be the life style of every believer and civilization  shouldn't replace it.

Pastor Oladapo noted this while ministering on the topic "The Potency and Integrity of the Word in a Changing World" at the just concluded 2019 National Youth Conference of CAC Akinyele Region, Ikeji III.

He also said the Bible contains timeless words of the eternal God and therefore, its relevance cannot be limited to any particular age or generation, saying it is always relevant for every age and generation, no matter the changes in the worldly and human systems, methods, fashion and the likes.

According to him, the Bible has witnessed several oppositions and attacks from ages past and there have been several efforts by enemies of Christianity to destroy the Bible, yet it has always prevailed and outlived all its enemies.

Pastor Oladapo who is the Secretary of Ikeji III Conference Planing Committee also said the Bible is the most attacked material in printed form, yet it is the most popular printed work that has also been preserved and circulated globally more than any other book in human history.

"In the 18th century, a French philosopher named Voltaire, in his attempts to destroy the Bible predicted that within 100 years, the Bible would be a forgotten book. Within the same 100 years, however, Voltaire died, while his own very house was used as storage for many copies of the Bible printed by the Geneva Bible Society. No power in heaven and earth can withstand the Word of God,"

"The Word of God is still very relevant to all present and future needs, problems and challenges of individuals and humanity. See Psalm 19:7-11, Heb.4:12. It is always potent to provide solutions to all challenges no matter how serious they may be.  It has been used severally to destroy satanic oppositions, demonic attacks, human persecutions, diseases/sicknesses and all kinds of problems from age to age with diverse proven testimonies," says the Cleric.

He further stated that the Word of God is still a pattern for moral and godly living in all generations, adding that it is never obsolete and any deviation from it leads to damnable errors and perdition/hellfire.

"Before you accept or follow any new practice, culture, system, method, fashion, etc. make sure that such is in conformity with the Word of God. Matt.4:4. Take time to observe every new phenomenon very well before you accept it. Eph. 4:14. Let us reject out rightly any change or modernization that is against the Word of God," he concluded.

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