Your marriage can affects your eternity- CAC Youth Officer

CAC Youth Officer, Pastor Sam Gbuyiro

By ‘Gbenga Bankole

The Youth Officer of Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide, Pastor Sam Gbuyiro has said that marriage signifies where destiny and destination, saying that it has a way of affecting someone’s eternity.

Pastor Gbuyiro who said this at the recently held Singles Banquet in Ibadan Oyo state said that the issue of marriage is not about somebody to live with here on earth or not about enjoyment alone, but about where someone will spend his eternity.

“Anytime you hear about the word marriage, it simply saying two important things which are destiny and destination. Marriage speaks about your destiny. It does not matter what you have achieved, dreams,  revelation or  prophecies you have received in life, or what prophet has said on the day you were born marriage is talking about your destiny. One of such things that will deliver unto you the destiny that you carry is the state of your marriage. When you hear about marriage, you are hearing about your destination where you are going on earth and after this life. Marriage will not only affect your living here, marriage has a way of affecting your eternity. The issue of marriage is not about somebody to live with here on earth, it is not about enjoyment alone, it is even about your eternity. Marriage is very crucial regarding God’s plan for man,” he said.

He further stated that; “Life is in phases and in stages. At a particular time you were born carried by your parent. Each stage of life is divinely designed by God to bring fulfillment to man. There is no stage of life that God deliberately deprived man fulfillment.  God designed each stage of your life to be enjoyed, excited and fulfilled. God designed our lives like that because each stage of life leads to another stage. The stage at which you begin to plan for marriage is one of the most sensitive and most crucial stages of life. Your crossing into marital life must be well and thoughtfully undertaking. It is not something you should handle with levity. It must be well and thoughtfully undertaking, otherwise the landing maybe disastrous or regrettable.”

Pastor Gbuyiro said that “marriage is an early life affair. It is not something you do at the late hour of life. It is not something you think about at the late hour of your life. The matter of marriage is something to be considered as early as possible in ones life. By now you should beginning to think, pray and equip yourself with relevant information that has to do with marriage. Your must have right knowledge about marriage.

“At the early of your life you must have right knowledge of what you are suppose to do. You must develop passion for happy home. If there is anything you should be so passionate about in life is marriage. The thought of good home must flow through your vein every time and day. When you are passionate of something, God has a way of delivering even when the enemy has set a trap on your path.”

“Joseph was passionate about living for God and raising a happy home and when the woman approached him he refused. You must develop passion for good home and blissful marriage as early as possible. This passion will be what will be leading and directing you to where to get the right counsel and pray the right prayer.”

 “You need to commit yourself to prayers. Marriage you have not done anything for will not do anything for you. If you are passionate about marriage and you want a good home you need to begin to develop a godly lifestyle. Marriage is about life, character and what you do.”

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