Anybody that misses the rapture will weep bitterly- Cleric

Pastor I.O Onibaba


The District Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Transfiguration Sango District Headquarters, Pastor I.O Onibaba has said that there is no one who will miss the rapture that will not cry or weep bitterly.

Pastor Onibaba stated this last Sunday while preaching on the theme "The Day and the Hour Unknown."

He noted that the day of rapture is coming and it is fast approaching, saying that as day goes by, we are moving closer to either death or the day of rapture.

According to him, it is what does not matter to some people will hinder them from reigning with Christ, adding that it is what that doesn't  that will turn to 'matters arising' on the day of judgment.

"The rapture day is the day and hour of great occurrence and unusual happening. It has been long prophesied by the Prophets. It is a day and hour nothing can hinder. It has been ordained for great separation that has ever happened. There is going to be great separation between goat and sheep, and unholy one will be separated from holy one," he stated.

Pastor Onibaba said God is keeping the day to Himself and nobody can hinder it, emphasising that it is going to be like the day of Noah.

The day according to him will meet some people in their sins or atrocities.

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