Cleric charges Nigeria political leaders to imitate Jesus Christ

Pastor E.O. Arasanyin


Political leaders in the country have been charged to shun corruption and imitate the life of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The District Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Mount of Victory, Aguda District Headquarters, Surulere Lagos, Pastor E.O. Arasanyin stated this in an exclusive interview with CAC NEWS.

He noted that he wants Nigeria politicians to learn humility from Christ, saying that Christ demonstrated this while on earth and it is very important for them to do so because they are leaders.

He said that they also need to learn how to love, explaining that Christ loves everybody both sinners and believers.

According to him, Nigeria political leaders need to love Nigerians, if they indeed love us there won’t be corruption and poverty will reduce.

Pastor Arasanyi also advised that they should try to create employments for those who are looking for jobs in the nooks and crannies of the country.

“Christ lives a sinless life and our leaders should learn that from Him. They should do away from covetousness. Whatsoever they have should be enough for them, without engaging in financial misappropriation or corruption.  They should also learn how to give, particularly to the needy,” he stated.

He noted that they should know that any position they occupy today, they will leave there one day for other person.

While advising all Christians, Pastor Arasanyi said; “it is very important for every Christian to expect the second coming of Christ. He can come at any point in time even before the end of this festive period.

Christians should live an exemplary live for others to follow. They should try to live an impact lives.”


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