YOUTH CORNER: Understanding the Youths and their Needs (Part 2)


Last week, we capped at the fact that everyone has basic needs, including the youths. Failure to have listening ears and understanding heart to their needs is why many youths venture into the wrong actions. This is also another excuse for their exodus into environments where they get listening ears and opportunities to have their needs catered for. Conversely, many of the persons who give our youths attention today have the wrong counsels. Hence, Pastors, parents and guardians must step up their game in paying attention and understanding the needs of the youths. 

As said in the first part of these series, these needs are divided based on the classification of the tripartite nature of human beings. The first is Spiritual needs.

Spiritual needs: It is unfortunate that many youths today are full of religious activities but spiritually empty. Many of them do what they do because as a routine or just to satisfy what their parents or guardians want them to do. Yet, in the midst of these, are youths who passionately and sincerely long, thirst and hunger for the presence and the power of God.

Many of the youths have spiritual needs, hunger and thirst that are not being met in their church or immediate environment. Some of them have got spiritual questions that seems nobody is answering. Some of them yearn, thirst and hunger for the biblical experiences and encounters, but what they see in their parents, guardians or Pastors are in contrast to what they see in the Bible or the kind of experience they yearn. 

Some of these spiritual needs include, knowing their identity in Christ, receiving grace to meet up with divine demands, receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit with evidence as stated in the scriptures, manifesting the power of God as the Apostles of old. Staying true to Jesus in the midst of chaos and pressures of this world, etc. Also, many of them have got spiritual battles they fight all alone, but would desire that there would be someone that can fight with them or fight for them.

We shall continue on the rest of these tripartite needs in the next post. Don’t miss it.

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