Danger of Lukewarmness by Pastor I.D.O. Akinpelu


Zonal Superintendent, CAC Calvary Zone, Lagos, Pastor I. D. O. Akinpelu

Text: Rev. 3.15–16 

I know from your deeds that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.


In the above-quoted scripture, Jesus criticises the church in Laodicea for being lukewarm, neither hot nor cold in their faith. It is metaphorically used to imply a lack of fervour, dedication, or sincerity in one's relationship with God. It suggests a state of spiritual apathy or compromise, where individuals are neither fully committed to God nor completely disinterested in Him. Lukewarmness in the context of this night programme can be said to be neither hot nor cold, just tepid or indifferent, as the Bible rightly puts it. It is a lack of enthusiasm, passion, or commitment towards the things of God. It is often associated with spiritual indifference or complacency. The dangers of lukewarmness are primarily spiritual and can impact various aspects of life:


Lukewarmness can breed a loss of spiritual fervour and vitality, resulting in a shallow or superficial faith. 


Lukewarmness can impede one's spiritual movement and get one stuck or stagnated. It can hinder personal growth and development, as lukewarm individuals may become complacent and resistant to change or improvement.

Spiritual Blindness

It can lead to spiritual blindness, where individuals become indifferent or oblivious to their need for deeper spiritual nourishment and understanding.

Shunning the Great Commission 

Lukewarmness can undermine one's ability to effectively witness or share their faith with others, as it may lack the authenticity and conviction needed to inspire others.

Separation from God

Persistent lukewarmness can obviously lead to a drift away from God and His purposes, resulting in a sense of alienation or separation from Him.


Vulnerability to Temptation: Lukewarm individuals may be more susceptible to temptation and moral compromise, as they lack the spiritual strength and conviction to resist.

Severe Punishment 

Lukewarmness can invite God's judgement, as seen in the warning to the church in Laodicea that they would be "spit out" for their lukewarm state.


Spiritual Sensitivity to Sin

Be vigilant against temptation and sin, actively choosing to live a life that honours God and reflects His love. Consistent sinful living can lead to lukewarmness. Sin will keep you from praying, while praying will keep you from sinning.


Maintain a regular and consistent prayer life. Cultivate a lifestyle of prayer. Pray without cessation. 

Scriptural meditation 

Spend time meditating on Scripture to deepen your relationship with God.

Surround yourself with other Christians

You need fellow believers who can encourage and support you in your faith journey.

Service and Ministry

Look for opportunities to serve others and use your gifts and talents for God's kingdom, which can reignite your passion for following Christ.

Stay committed

Stay committed to studying the Bible and growing in your understanding of God's Word to prevent spiritual stagnation.

Surround yourself with accountable partners

Have accountability partners who can help keep you accountable in your walk with God and challenge you to grow.


Lukewarmness is a salient monster that should be avoided at all costs. By actively pursuing those aforementioned practices, you can avoid becoming lukewarm in your faith and maintain a vibrant relationship with God.

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