YOUTH CORNER: Understanding the Youths and their Needs

O God, You have taught me from my youth, And I still declare Your wondrous deeds (Psalms 71:17)

Everybody in life has a need, even though many do not know their needs but their wants. While human wants are insatiable and may not be necessary for survival, needs are basic and are often needed for survival.

 Needs often determine the fate and the experiences of individuals. So, it is often erroneous to think youths have got no needs on the assumption that their parents, guardians, siblings or relatives often provide for their needs. 

It is quite unfortunate that many youths today resort to providing for their own needs by engaging in different ugly vices such as robbery, internet fraud, kidnapping, organ harvesting, and most recently, rituals, etc. Many do these due to the fact that they are adventurous and those who should listen to their needs shout them down or sometimes give them little or no attention. 

It therefore, becomes paramount that Pastors, parents and guardians understand the needs of the youths and meet them as they trust God for help, before they resort to meeting those needs by themselves through unwanted means. 

Every human being, without the exception of youths, is tripartite, that is, made up of spirit, soul and body. Nobody becomes whole if these three components are not given utmost attention. For the needs of youths to be satisfied, their three components (spirit, soul and body) must be given utmost attention. 

Some of these needs will be discussed next week.

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