God can do greater things in our generation than He did with our fathers, Pastor Adetunji says


Pastor Michael A. Adetunji

By Boluwatife Oparinde

Minister-in-charge, Christ Apostolic Church Chapel of Peace, CAC Theological Seminary (CACTS) Ile Ife, Pastor Michael A. Adetunji, has asserted that God can do greater things with the present generation than He did with the progenitors of faith and even more than them.

According to the CACTS Ile Ife Director of Chapel, to enjoy supernatural experiences of God as of old, there is need for revival.

The cleric who made this known while speaking on the topic "Necessity for Revival in Times Like This" during an online programme on Prayer Club platform last Sunday, added that "the necessity for revival is to serve God like our fathers and even do better."

"What did they do that made God value them? How did they walk with God that made God reckon with them?" the cleric questioned his audience. 

Taking his text from Romans 8:9-11, the clergyman who is also the Director of Students Affairs of the Seminary, noted that the Bible instructs Christians to mortify their flesh everyday, adding that the expression in times like this implies the current time is a period of eschatology.

Explaining the theories of eschatology to include, thoroughgoing eschatology, realised eschatology, and inaugurated eschatology, Pastor Adetunji stressed that these three theories are enough evidence that we are in the end times. 

He furthered that the word 'revival' is a compound word with a prefix 're' and 'vive', stating that while 'vive' means life, 're' means 'to do again' citing examples of other words like reactivation, reanimation, restoration, etc. 

Quoting and expositing Ezekiel 37:1-14 of dry bones coming back alive and becoming an exceeding great army, the clergyman said that if there's going to be revival, the breath of God must come upon us.

"Regardless of their spiritual deadness, Christians remain Christians, just as a faulty car does not stop being a car. It is only that those Christians need Revival. That a Christian is dead spiritually does not mean God does not want to have anything to do with them again, they only need to be revived," he said.

He continued that, "revival is needed in this age, because there are lots of distractions. Different sectors in Nigeria such as our economy needs Revival. Revival is inescapable as far as God is concerned. We must serve God alive."

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