Without genuine salvation, there can never be deliverance, says Prophet Hezekiah at Orogun Region Crusade


Prophet Hezekial O. Oladeji

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The General Evangelist of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas has admonished on the need for genuine salvation among Christians, saying that without it, there can never be deliverance.

Prophet Hezekiah stated this yesterday November 27, 2023 while ministering at the 3 days Crusade organised by World Evangelistic Outreach of CAC Orogun Region.

He acknowledged Jesus Christ as the deliverer adding that, without genuine salvation He can't deliver anyone.

Referencing the book of Acts chapter 12 verse 8 to 10, Prophet Hezekial stated that God sent His angel to the prison to deliver Apostle Peter because he had genuine salvation. 

According to him, anything anyone who is not totally free from the devil has, belongs to satan and that is why there is need for genuine salvation.

"Even if you are a minister of God and you are not fully free from the devil, he will kill you untimely. You're a prey to the devil irrespective of who you're without total freedom from Him. It's the kingdom that you allow in your life that will rule over you. 

"In the Garden of Eden, God put Adam and Eve there, but the devil has been exercising his kingdom in the world before-time and he has access to anywhere including the Garden of Eden. He heard the conversation between God and Adam that was why he was able to deceive and manipulate Eve. Not every Christian is free from the kingdom of darkness. Some Christians are under the kingdom of syphoning church funds," the renowned Prophet said.

Using himself as an example, Prophet Hezekiah said that he gave his life to Christ many years ago not because he wanted to become a minister of God, but because he wanted to be free from the bondage of Satan.

The General Evangelist made an altar call after the message and many gave their lives to Christ. 

Today is the grand finale of the programme which holds at St John Anglican School, Ikire, Osun State by 4pm.

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