Missions Conference 2023: Your lifestyle preaches first before your message is heard, Pastor Famuyide charges Missionaries


Pastor E.S. Famuyide 

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Regional Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Orogun Region, Pastor E. S. Famuyide has admonished missionaries on the need to live a life that heralds the gospel of Christ, telling them that their lives preach the gospel before their message is heard.

Pastor Famuyide stated this on Thursday September 14, 2023 while ministering on the topic "Being Precedes Doing: The Impact of Character in Missions" at the CAC Missions Conference 2023.

He said every missionary or minister must answer the first call (call to salvation) before answering the call into the ministry, saying that one's Christian life matters as a minister who lives in sin may still be effective in ministry.

He told the missionaries that; "you can't become a missionary without being Christ's disciple. Many want to run from discipleship because of the discipline in it. If you're not a disciple of Christ, you can never be a missionary."

According to him, becoming a minister requires divine call, a call with a specific assignment (Mark 16:15-17), hence, the journey begins from regeneration, becoming Christ-like, becoming a disciple before becoming a missionary. 

He added that; "many are working for God at the same time walking against God. 'Walking the talking' means practicing what we teach. It is only when we walk in the light of our teachings that our ministries can be effective (i.e. impact lives, touch hearts, save souls)."

Presenting Jesus Christ as the practical and typical example, Pastor Famuyide said; "Jesus Christ, our Master laid a standard example for us to emulate [follow] as ministers at this end time. He showed us vividly the order in the ministry. As a Missionary, our "talk" centers on Christ Jesus; our teachings are scripture-based and heaven-bound. Some of our teachings include: Salvation, sanctification, justification, Holy Spirit baptism, holiness, righteousness and fruit of the Spirit. Others include, rapture, Second Advent of Christ, millennium reign etc."

He reemphasized that witnessing Christ before a divine encounter with Him is simply a religious exercise, adding that Christ didn't rush His disciples into missionary work, rather, He taught them well before sending them forth. 

"There are medical doctors who smoke; yet they perform surgical operations for patients of cigarette smokers. There are accountants who cannot save a dime; yet they give fantastic lectures on savings. Hypocrisy! I hear you. No missionary who teaches/preaches and will not live his teachings is fit for the missionary work. The ministry of a good Missionary is tied to his life! Your lifestyle preaches first before your message is heard. Thus, we must walk the talk. Thus, we must become Christ-like before we proclaim Christ's life," Pastor Famuyide said.

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