CAC Olanrewaju District holds sendoff service for former Superintendent, Pastor Daramola


By Boluwatife Oparinde

The Christ Apostolic Church Olanrewaju District has held a honourable sendoff service for her former Superintendent, Pastor CAS Daramola on Sunday, 13th August, 2023 at the church headquarters.

Pastor Daramola who spent three years and four months as the District Superintendent of CAC Olanrewaju District has now been transfered with promotion to CAC, Ogudu Zone, Ogudu, Lagos.

In his charge at the sendoff service held for him, the cleric speaking on the topic "Hear ye Him" from Matthew 17:1:12, the new Zonal Superintendent of Ogudu Zone narrated the story of how Jesus Christ took some of his disciples to the Mount of Transfiguration.

Giving a background that Jesus had earlier asked His disciples in Chapter 16 of Matthew who men said He was until Peter said He was the son of the Living God, he noted that the statement made by Jesus Christ to Peter saying, 'Blessed art thou' means only those who capture the true essence of who Jesus is are blessed, adding that only those who know the true worth of a minister of God in the church are the one truly blessed.


According to the cleric, "and now in chapter 17, while they got to the mountain, Jesus was transfigured before the very eyes of Peter, James and John in His glory and they could not behold his glory but fell down and were asleep. This speaks volume to us as it did to them in those days."

"The disciples had not really grasped the person of Jesus whom they have known and have been with for three and a half years. The aspect Jesus showed them was really strange to them, never had they seen Him in that form before and that tell us also today that we as Christians cannot fully grasp the whole essence of God and His son Jesus Christ and that's why Paul said 'that I may know Him' even after many years of walking with the Lord," the cleric explained.

Sermonizing the congregation, Pastor Daramola exposited that the appearance of Moses and Elijah who symbolized the law and prophets respectively, implies to ministers and church members that it is only the revelation of Jesus Christ that can produce the type of ministers needed for ministry today.

The clergyman also inferred from the statement of the voice of heaven that says 'hear ye Him' that "whatever the teacher teaches and whatever the prophets prophecies, only hear and follow them if it is in consonance with the teaching of Jesus, the lifestyle of Jesus but if not, don't believe them, don't follow them."

"The only person to hear and listen to is Jesus Christ because Moses and Elijah disappeared in that passage and only Jesus Christ was left with his disciples. This means that the teaching ministry and prophetic ministry will fade away with time and season but only Jesus Christ will remain forever. Therefore, hear ye him," he concluded.

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