What Prophet Hezekiah said about late Prophet Olowere


By 'Gbenga Bankole

The General Evangelist of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas, Prophet Hezekiah O. Oladeji has described the late Prophet Michael Ojo Olowere as a giant soldier of Christ and mentor of many soldiers of Christ.

Prophet Hezekiah further said if not for how God used him, many destinies would have been wasted, praying that the Lord would uphold the family he left behind and the church in Jesus' name

The General Evangelist said this on Monday July 17, 2023 while ministering at a powerful programme known as "Automatic" held at CAC Oke-Agbara, Ashi, Ibadan. 

Prophet Hezekiah noted that he and the President of the Church, Pastor Samuel O. Oladele were in London when the news of the death of Prophet Olowere reached them disclosing that "it was so painful to us, including the President who said in January Baba Olowere came to pray for him and the church. And after the prayer he (Prophet Olowere) bent on giving him a gift which he did. The President was surprised that at old age Baba Olowere was still doing the right thing. Baba Olowere was a great mentor of spiritual soldiers. He was not a confusionist prophet."

The renowned Prophet recalled that the last time he came to the Automatic programme, the prayer he called last was that ministers of God should ask for what they need, because a time is coming that they wouldn't see Baba Olowere again. 

"I saw Baba Olowere in a revelation before his death telling me that he had finished his work, he was going. I pleaded with God to keep him with us till next year January or February, but God is questionable" he said. 

While urging ministers not to work with hypocrisy, Prophet Hezekiah stated that crooked ministers of God didn't receive any spiritual gifts from Baba Olowere when he was alive, it was what they would steal they were looking for.  

Talking on how Joshua was loyal and humble before the departure of Moses, Prophet Hezekiah said there is a Joshua (a Prophet) behind Moses in Oke Agbara but nobody knows him, the Joshua is being empowered presently by God. 

He urged the youths not to believe that they are wise, but behave like a fool in order to receive from God, adding that they need to be focused and put into action what they have learnt from the godly lifestyles of Prophet Olowere.

According to him, it is the body of Baba Olowere that died, his calling is still alive. 

"When Apostle Babalola slept in the Lord, it looked as if there was no Prophet again, but the spirit of God came heavily on CAC. Church members, sexton, Elders and even the blind received the power of Holy Spirit and they did signs and wonders for God," he said. 

The General Evangelist noted that this is the time loyalty of Ministers, workers and members to the calling of Prophet Olowere will be known, adding that this is the time to know "the Tabithas" in Oke Agbara.

"There are three kinds of Prophets. There are some who are only gifted without covenant. There are Prophets with Nazareth calling and they have divine anointing. There are some with altars that were taken from some people and given to them. God called Baba Olowere, empowered him. He took an altar from someone and gave it to him as an award. Prophet Olowere was a servant in whom God is well pleased. Prophet Olowere prayed to the level that he summoned angels. Prophet Olowere spoke to God directly. He prayed and the ground was opened. He worked to the level that his works still speak after death," Prophet Hezekiah concluded.

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