Ministers' Wives Fellowship Golden Jubilee Conference: Mrs. Oladele implores ministers' wives on being women of purpose


Chairperson, CAC Ministers'Wives Fellowship, Mrs. Susanna Kehinde Oladele 

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Chairperson of Christ Apostolic Church Ministers' Wives Fellowship, Mrs. Susanna Kehinde Oladele has implored wives of ministers on being purposeful because becoming a woman of strength and purpose gives glory to God and it releases one from the captivity of hopelessness and despair.

Mrs. Oladele stated this while giving her Jubilee Address on Wednesday May 10, 2023 at the Golden Jubilee Celebration (Ikeji 1) of the fellowship at CAC Babalola Memorial Miracle Camp, Ikeji-Arakeji, Osun state.

Speaking on characteristics of the woman of purpose, Mrs. Oladele said a woman of purpose is industrious.

Citing Proverbs chapter 31, the wife of CAC President explained that; "the passage serves to further support this understanding: the excellent wife is often in and engaged in the marketplace. How she goes about prioritizing her energy that is displayed in deeds, labor, work for the home does not necessarily mean she works at home all day long. Again, given what Proverbs 31 states about her and the descriptions that connotes her excellence, this seems to be a better biblical understanding."

She further said a woman of purpose is prudent (Proverbs 19:14), in contrast to a lazy wife who is unprepared, sloppy, not thinking ahead, a busybody, characterized by excuses, and overall, lacks excellence, while a godly woman pushes herself, uses her mind to think ahead and prepare. 

Mrs. Oladele stated that a woman of purpose is wise and has understanding, compassionate, classy, kind, trustworthy, valuable, faithful and praiseworthy.

"The Bible says the primary role of the wife in marriage is to build and establish the family/home while the husband works outside as the breadwinner. They are co-equals in the sight of God but have different roles assigned to them in the marriage. The roles are unbeatable if one believes that all Scripture is inspired by God (2 Timothy 3.16-17) and that the forthright instruction of Paul in Titus 2:3-5 is part of the Bible, which it is. Whereas both husband and wife are of similar value before God and society, they function in different capacities, teaming to build the kingdom, their country, their marriage and the next generation."

"A symbiosis of husband and wife is necessary, indeed demanded, in order to achieve all of these roles. A godly woman is wise, she has understanding of her role, and knowledgeable of God's blueprint and design. A wife needs to know all this and fully accept it. God created man and woman and He made marriages and families to function in these ways in order to be most effective as the foundation of the society."

According to her, a godly woman is selfless, not only does she prioritize care for her husband and children, not only is she knowledgeable, wise, and understanding of God's specific call on her life, but she invests more time taking into cognizance those God-ordained purposes than "playing," or being self-absorbed in trivial events so prevalent in our society today (such as the multi-faceted forms of entertainment available today). 

On expectations of God from a woman of purpose, Mrs. Oladele said it is expected of a woman of purpose to fear the Lord, put her trust in God, keep a pure heart, be content with she has, get ready to build her house, become a discipler and pray for her children.

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