If God be for us, who can be against us? By Pastor S.O. Aluko


Pastor S.O. Aluko

ROMANS 8:31, 32 

INTRODUCTION: Man has always had many things to fear because of the fall into the hands of Satan, his greatest enemy. The things that man fears include people, places, powers, problems, etc. Therefore, he makes efforts ignorantly, deliberately or passionately to overcome his real or imagined fears. Thanks be unto God for giving us His only begotten Son—Jesus Christ and through Him, we have all things (Rm. 8:32). Halleluyah! May you be blessed as we consider this subject. If God be for us, who can be against us?

A.     Who is God?

Remove God’s personality from this subject and indeed all situations of life, then you have uncertainties, fictitious, unpredictable, non-realistic, undependable, unproductive and time-wastingexercises.

a)      God—who is He?

1.      Maker (Gen. 1:26).

2.      Creator (Gen. 1:1).

3.      The beginning and the end (Jn. 8:58; Heb. 13:8)

4.      I am that I am (Ex. 3:14)


b)     God—some of His attributes.

        i.            He is unstoppable (Job 42:2; Prov. 21:30, 31)

      ii.            He is unlimited )Ps. 147:5)

    iii.            He is unconquerable (1Sam. 17:47; 2Chr. 32:7).

     iv.            He is irresistible (Deut. 32:39)

       v.            He is ever-present (Ps. 46:1)

     vi.            He is all-able, all-knowing (Ps. 39:5-12).

   vii.            He is love and all-loving (Ps. 86:15; 1Jn. 4:17, 18)

 viii.            He has provision for our ETERNITY.


c)      What does He do?

1.      He determines the end from the beginning (Is. 46:10).

2.      He announces (knows) the results of wars, battles, outings before the commencement of the journey (2Chr. 20:15-17; Mt. 24:6, 7)

3.      He comes around His people even without invitation to show His loving supremacy/sovereignty (Gen. 12:7; Jn. 21:4, 5).

4.      He saves to the uttermost those who come to Him through His Son (Heb. 7:25).

If God has all these virtues, attributes and abilities, blessed are those HE CHOOSES to be WITH. Woe to those He chooses to be AGAINST.

B.      IF GOD BE WITH US(Gen. 28:10-18; Judges 7:1ff)

WITH—in the company or presence of loving a person to the extent of loving, bearing with, going with, doing all one can do to support.

Ø  He instructs (Ex. 31:13; 2Tm. 3:16)

Ø  He guides (Is. 30:21)

Ø  He goes ahead (Deut. 31:8)

Ø  He arranges manageable experiences (Gen. 45:7-9)

Ø  He gives victory.

Ø  He guards.

These apply to all experiences in life. His principles, His provisions, His presence remain with those who know Him.

C.      WHO CAN BE AGAINST (Deut. 1:35; Prov.1:20; Joshua 7:12, 13)

·         AGAINST? Opposing, disagreeing, disfavor, not to the advantage. Who can fight against his creator and prosper?

·         When and why will God be against His beloved creatures?

                                i.            When we disregard Him.

                              ii.            When we go out PRESUMPTUOUSLY

                            iii.            When we are religious but rebellious.

                             iv.            When we are full of ourselves (Joshua 7:12, 13.

                               v.            When we deny Him, He will deny us (2Tm. 2:12).

                             vi.            When we are complacent not knowing He is our sufficiency (Acts 12:20-23; 1Cor.15:10).



We need to understand, covet and sustain the PRESENCE. How?

·         Looking unto Him (recognition).

·         Depending on Him (reliance)

·         Trusting Him in obedience (responsibility)

·         Introducing Him to others (raising men for Him).


CONCLUSION: God has given us all that we need through Jesus Christ without Him, we are nothing. WITH HIM, IN HIM AND THROUGH HIM, WE ARE COMPLETE.




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