Pastor Oluwaniyi speaks on devices of devil against the church at CAC Strong Tower Workers Seminar

Christ Apostolic Church, Strong Tower Zone, Babalola Region, Ibadan recently held 2022 Church Workers Seminar.

The programme, held at the zonal headquarters had in attendance Ministers, Elders, Deaconesses and others workers of the church.  

While ministering at the programme on the topic "Ten Devices of the Devil Against the Church," taking his text from 2nd Corinthians 2:11, the Zonal Superintendent of CAC Strong Tower Zone, Pastor J.O. Oluwaniyi said the devil hates the true church of Christ with perfect hatred and he will therefore do everything to incapacitate and render the church useless and lifeless. 

He noted that the devil doesn't comes as devil but will use various devices, methods, manipulations and infiltration to snuff the life of Christ out of the church, adding that he loves to turn the true life of Christ into religious dogmas and lifeless services.

Looking at the church in Africa with spiritual eyes over the last several years, Pastor Oluwaniyi said the devil has succeeded in waging successful war against the church's effectiveness through shifting her attention away from her primary purpose into vain, worldly pursuits, raising opposition to the church from without with various persecutions here and there and sending his agents within the church as members and guest speakers-- to corrupt the church from within.

Other devices the devil uses against the church according to the Cleric are;"bringing strange fire of doctrines and erroneous practices that removed the eternal gaze of the church to mundane things, toys of this world, infiltrating the life of women, girls, sisters, pastors wives and single mothers, widows, and women ministers with demonic spirits inside the church to cause divisions, immoralities and sexual pervasion thereby polluting the church, instigating pastors to commit immoralities with members such as widows, single parents and sprinters thereby causing the withdrawal of Holy Spirit presence from the church, quenching the fire of prayer warfare through secular educational arguments and attainments, causing premature deaths and calamities that scatter churches, causing crisis, conflicts and chaos that incapacitate churches, thereby leading to internal and inter-tribal conflicts and infiltrating churches through strange doctrines and watered down gospel that saves nobody but compromises the faith of our Lord Jesus with only financial gain and profit."

He noted that recently after a 21days fasting and prayers, a Bishop gave an altar call of those who know they are withches in his church, saying to the utmost surprise of the Bishop, 5,000 people came out, stating that is the devices of the devil against the church.

"If we don't fight spiritual warfare in the name of Jesus, holy living and warfare prayers, the agents of the devil will take over the church from within.Churches and leaders that failed to regularly resist the devil(James 4:7) in their lives, families, warfare prayers, and in the church will find the devil stylishly taking over their churches," he concluded.

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