2022 Youth Conference: If your dream dies, your life becomes a broken wing bird that cannot fly, Pastor Ehinmode tells youths

Pastor M. K. Ehinmode

By Boluwatife Oparinde 

The Chairman, Youth Advisory Committee, Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas, Pastor M. K. Ehinmode has counselled youths on protecting their dreams, saying that "if your dream dies, your life becomes a broken wing bird that cannot fly."

"When life steals your dream, your life is like a wall clock without battery or a brand new car without battery. If your dream dies, your life becomes like a wedding wihout the bride," he continued.

Pastor Ehinmode said this on Thursday, 1st September, 2022 at the 2022 Ikeji 2 Youth Conference holding at Babalola Memorial International Miracle Camp, Ikeji-Arakeji, Osun State, while preaching on the topic "You and your Dream" culled from Genesis 37:5-11.

Explaining the text, Joseph as a case study, the cleric defined that, "when we talk about dream, it has to do with a vision of tomorrow; what you have in mind to become. Dream has to do with your assignment in life."

Pastor Ehinmode who asserted that "once you miss God's purpose and assignment for your life, there will be a substitute but substitutes may not be the original," cited that "Joseph had good dreams. He protected his dreams jealously and was able to fulfil God's purpose for his life."

Drawing lessons from Joseph, the clergyman urged the youths, "whatever steals your dream has stolen your future. Houses may be taken from you, position may be taken from you, entitlement can be denied you, one thing you should never allow anything steal from you is your dream."

"Joseph's brothers took his clothes, deceived his father, sold him to slavery, but he protected his dreams. The fulfilment of his dream got him many clothes," he described. 

The Superintendent of Calvary DCC, Warri continued that, "if you are going to protect your dream, you may need to do away with some people in your life," stating the two categories of people in life - "the people you should not miss in your journey to destiny, and there are people you shouldn't meet."

Pastor Ehinmode described Joseph as faithful to God and humanity, stating that, "we saw in Joseph, an ability to relate across ethnicity. He related well with everyone that came his way."

He further harped that "it is a curse to lose relationships. Nobody is meant to reach the top alone."

The cleric noted that sin, procrastination and carnality are things to avoid in fulfilment of dreams, stating the following as ways to make dreams come true, "develop a good realtionship with God; help others interprete their dream; wait for your season, even when God seems to be late, it's because he wants to give you the best; have a staying power, never quit; don't be afraid of failure as it means false attempt in learning under rigoroous experience."

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