Peter Oluwafemifola, son of CAC Kingdom Zonal Superintendent, Pastor Akinleye weds

By Ayilara Dare

It was a day of unimaginable joy for the Zonal Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Kingdom Zone, Pastor & Mrs. J.A. Akinleye on Saturday August 27,2022 when his son, Peter Akinleye was joined with his sweetheart, Ruth Motolani.

The wedding ceremony, held at CAC Orisun Anu, Mount Zion District started with the engagement ceremony in the early hour of the wedding day. 

The Zonal Superintendent Ojodu Abiodun Zone, Pastor A. Oniwinde conducted the holy matrimony alongside the curate Pastor of the District, Pastor Ariyo Emmanuel, District Superintendent, Pastor James Taiwo and Pastor Ayo Akinleye.

The colorful celebration of love were attended by ministers of God in CAC, family, friends and well wishers of both family.

 While ministering on the topic "Christian Marriage Without Stress", the Zonal Superintendent of Ojodu Abiodun Zone, Pastor Akin Oniwinde said marriage is not just a theory to be proven but marriage is a practical which one must exercise with patience so as to get a positive result, stating that;"you don't just prepare for wedding but you plan and prepare ahead for marriage because wedding last for a day but marriage is a life time agreement."

He added that marriage is a joining together of two like minds, especially in church and as a christian you must be born again before you can be married.

Pastor Oniwinde also said that marriage is a life contract, it is an endless journey that only God grants the strength to maintain and sustain until age calls.

"Marriage is living and cleaning, you have to forsake some habits in order to please your wife or husband. You need to blend into your new home structure in order to build it up, if you still cling unto your habitual character, idea and self mentality then your marriage may not stand", he said.

"Marriage requires responsibility, Pastor Oniwinde said as he digs dip into Colossians chapter 3 verse 17, saying that;"a man and a woman have their role to play in marriage. Wife submit yourself to your husband, husband love your wife. So many women complain about issues, challenges in their home, most of them are too proud to submit to their husbands, follow biblical instructions and see the results."

He told the new couple that;"your marriage is your life, if you want to enjoy it, follow and examine in the scripture, put God first in your home and never joke with your spiritual life."

The reception ceremony was held at the Children Camp, MFM Prayer City, Lagos Ibadan Express way, Ibafo, Ogun state immediately after the wedding.

The programme had in attendance Zonal Superintendent, Agbala Idande Zone, Pastor N.O. Oyewole, Zonal Superintendent, Mowe Zone, Pastor M.A.O. Ajetunmobi and Barrister Adekunle Ojo (SAN). Also in attendance is the President General of Caposto alumni association with others caposto alumni association officers and members as the bride groom parent is one of them.

Photo speaks !

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