CAC Authorities inaugurate Orogun Region

General Superintendent, Pastor Emmanuel O. Odejobi administering the induction rite on the Regional Superintendent of Orogun Region, Pastor E.S. Famuyide 

...Pastor Famuyide Inducted as Regional Superintendent

By Gbenga Bankole 

History was made on Sunday August 14, 2022 when one of the newly created regions, Christ Apostolic Church, Orogun Region was inaugurated by the Authorities of the church. Pastor Emmanuel S. Famuyide was inducted as pioneer Regional Superintendent in a solemn but glorious service.

Orogun Region, comprises 70 DCCs and Zones was named after the fourth President of the church, Pastor Joseph Bolade Orogun who was CAC President from 1983 to 1991.

The inauguration and induction service was held at CAC Orogun Regional headquarters, CAC Osogbo DCC headquarters, Latona, Osogbo, Osun State. The service was anchored by the President of the Church, Pastor Samuel O. Oladele and General Superintendent, Pastor Emmanuel O. Odejobi who were at the service with their wives.Wives of the Principal Officers in attendance were led by Mrs. S.K. Oladele, wife of the President. Mrs. Mariam Odejobi, the General Superintendent's wife Mrs. Esther Oladeji and they were happily welcomed by Mrs. F.O. Famuyide , wife of Pastor Famuyide. 

In the colourful programme where the regional choir gave good account of themselves in their ministration, the President administered the rites of Inauguration of the Region, while the General Superintendent later administered the induction rites on the Regional Superintendent.

In his message at the programme, the President, Pastor S. O. Oladele, who spoke on the topic "Do not grieve the Holy Spirit" (text: Eph 4:25, 29,30), said there are some things we can't boast of in our church and we can't be intimidated or ashamed of not having them, but our distinctive possession is the power of the Holy Spirit.

He further said that it is the pillar of the Holy Spirit that holds us, saying that the likes of Pastor E.A. Adeboye, Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor W.F.  Kumuyi among other church leaders can't speak evil about CAC because they know the pentecostal movement of the Holy Spirit in Nigeria started in CAC.

"In CAC, we don't care about level of formal education before we ordain. In this church we ordain different kinds of people, including the physically challenged people, it isn't so in some churches. What made people in the days of our fathers to leave cathedral and join our fathers under bamboo tree is Holy Spirit," he disclosed. 

While clamouring for the need for CAC members to hold on to what they have which is the Holy Spirit, the President noted that Holy Spirit is the third in the trinity which is equal to God, it is a person, it is the Spirit of truth and it is the Spirit of wisdom. 

Pastor Oladele said we are in the dispensation of the Holy Spirit and if anyone sin against Him there is no forgiveness, adding that;"one thing about Holy Spirit is that He doesn't persevere. You can slap or spit on Jesus without Him reacting, unlike Holy Spirit who will not tolerate it."

On how one can grieve the Holy Spirit, the Cleric noted that one can grieve the Holy Spirit by unholy and profitless talk, explaining that;"when we talk as Christians, we should think about it deeply if our words will uphold or pull down others. Words have been used to destroy many people these days. Your ministry is to uphold people by your words. Before you pass information at your disposal, check it. One of the ways not to be partaker of unholy talk is not to say anything when anybody brought such before us."

We can grieve the Holy Spirit, according to him when we ignore His presence.

He explained that;"familiarity breeds contempt. What we can't do when Governor or President is in our midst, we do it in the presence of Holy Spirit. We don't honour the Holy Spirit. There is no orderliness in most of our services. We never thought Holy Spirit is in our midst."

Pastor Oladele also said we can grieve the Holy Spirit when we reject His teachings, saying this is great sin of the Israelites citing Isaiah chapter  63 verse 8.

He added:"when you come to church you have come to the Holy Spirit. If we know His teaching we will know that the journey of Christianity is not easy. It's a narrow way journey."

"We can also grieve the Holy Spirit by serving the Lord in our own strength. Some people think because they are eloquent they can do the work. Anointing can be simulated. There is a difference between sweat and divine dew. We can do the work, but not according to His leading with Holy Spirit in us," he said. 

Pastor Oladele implored people of Orogun Region not to grieve the Holy Spirit in any way. 

He identified the fact that the church has been abused today by many people, challenging the government to commit governance of the country into the hands of the church and see how it would be run. 

The Clergyman added that: "Churches in Nigeria are running successfully without owing their staffs like government. Imagine the number of people employed by churches."

Earlier in his welcome address, the Regional Secretary of Orogun Region, Pastor Titus A. Adesoji said the brief history of the Christ Apostolic Church Latona, Osogbo shows its antecedent from the 1930 Oke Ooye, Ilesa revival which also spread to Osogbo and its environs in 1933. 

"The efforts, noble deeds and spiritual achievements of B.A. Jonah, a Post and Telegraph (P&T) official gave credence to the take-off of Christ Apostolic Church in Osogbo in the year 1933. From 1933 to date, many notable men of God had worked successfully in this assembly. To mention just a few of them, we have Late Pastor A.O. Ade. Olutimehin, who later became the General Superintendent of the Church, Late Pastor J.O. Yerokun, Late Pastor Olu. Young, Late Pastor E. A. Faniyan, Late Pastor E. H. L. Olusheye who was appointed the General Superintendent and later became the President of the Church. Late Pastor P. O. Bandele who also became the General Superintendent of the Church, Pastor A.O. Akinosun who also became the General Superintendent and later the President of the Church, Pastor J.K. Olaosebikan (Rtd DCC Superintendent), Pastor M.A. Ogundeji (Rtd. Regional Superintendent), Pastor G.O. Obiwale DCC Superintendent in Lagos and at present, Pastor E.S. Famuyide, the first Orogun Regional Superintendent," he said. 

Children of late Pastor J.B. Orogun were introduced to the congregation and they were welcomed to the front with standing ovation. The two children at the programme who also gave cash gift and portrait of late Pastor Orogun to the region are Pastor John Orogun of CAC Oke Ibukun, Lagos and Mrs. Dorcas Olubodun (Nee Orogun).

The programme had in attendance some notable personalities such as the Regional Superintendent of Babalola Region, Pastor J. O. Ogunwuyi, Pro-Chancellor and Chairman, Governing Council, JABU, Pastor/Prof. A.M.A. Imevbore, CAC Director of Publicity, Pastor Ade Alawode, the Zonal Superintendent of Orinsun-Ife Zone, Pastor J. Olu Makinwa (who represented the General Evangelist), Superintendent of Agbala-Itura DCC, Ibadan,Pastor A  O. Abraham Akinpelu, Superintendent of Mokola DCC, Ibadan, Pastor M.K Oloruntoba and many others.

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