Pastor Obagbadegun inducted pioneer Superintendent, as CAC Katsina zone inaugurated


Regional Superintendent of CAC Adelaja Region, Pastor S.N. Maichibi administering the induction rite.

The Authority of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas, on Sunday August 14, 2022 inaugurated CAC Katsina zone and inducted Pastor Samuel Orimolade Obagbadegun as the pioneer Zonal Superintendent. 

The inauguration and induction service was conducted by the Regional Superintendent of Adelaja, Pastor S. N. Maichibi who represented the Church Authority. 

Katsina zone comprises Katsina District, Funtua District, Malumashafi Center and Dutsinma Center. 

The Regional Superintendent in his message for the occasion, charged the members of the newly inaugurated Zone and the newly inducted Zonal Superintendent on the topic "Who and where you are looking at determines the level of your success." 

Taking his text from Hebrews chapter 12:1-2, he emphasized that the best bet to succeed in life and the ministry is to keep looking unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith. 

"With the situation the country found itself in particular and the world in general, looking unto self, sideways, unto others or at worst looking back like lot’s wife, to government institutions or others, will always be met with colossal disappointments, failures and outright destruction," he said.

According to him, no one runs a race and becomes victorious by looking back, instead of looking back, look unto Jesus in prayer.

He noted that the way you look determines your victory in this race of the kingdom, emphasizing that God is not happy with anyone who turns back from the race.

Pastor Maichibi further stressed that many who look at the challenges of life always have heart failure, saying our looking up should be unto Jesus not any other god. 

The Clergyman said it is in running unto Jesus that we are safe, our human wisdom is limited and cannot save but only Jesus can.

"Our strength is limited, we need the strength of God (John 6:66, Proverbs 23:21,29). Looking up to Jesus is our only hope from the woes of the devil and the times we are in (Psalms 121). Whatever happens evangelism must continue. In Nigeria today, we don't know what to do that is why we must look up to Jesus to be saved," he stated.

Earlier in his welcome address, the first Katsina Zonal Secretary, Elder J.O. Asunmo said; "at God’s own time the idea of the Zone came to the fore once again in one of the board of elders meetings where it was resolved that a formal letter of request be written and routed through Adelaja Regional Superintendent, Pastor S.N. Maichibi who perused the letter and gave us some guidelines on the way forward. Without much ado, we returned to Katsina and summoned stakeholders meeting cutting across Katsina, Funtua, Malumfashi, Dutsin-ma, Kankia and Kankara. The outcome of that meeting culminated into the corner stone of Katsina Zone which is being inaugurated today."

Elder Asunmo saluted the courage of Adelaja Regional Superintendent, Pastor Maichibi who pro-bono facilitated the birth of Katsina Zone by sincerely recommending their request which had spanned several years to the Missionary Headquarters,Ibadan who in turn considered it fit to grant them a favourable approval.

"Let me whole-heartedly congratulate our visionary and alluring Zonal Superintendent Pastor Obagbadegun and his wife for being found worthy. I see your appointment as not only well deserved but also a call for service to God and humanity. We sincerely share in your joyous and happy mood and wish you all the very best," he stated.

The programme had in attendance CAN Secretary, Katsina state chapter; CPFN PFB block leader and ministers across the state.

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