Tutelage makes a better gospel minister, says Prophet Olagunju

Prophet Moses Olagunju

Prophet Moses Olagunju started life as a Muslim from Oje,Itutaba area of the town. He is above 60 years of age. At his christening he was given the name,Mufutau son of Pa Ibrahim in 1960 at Olose in Ibadan, for the first 20 years of his life, he was committed to his Islamic religion. He learnt the Arabic recitation for ablution and Islamic prayer. By his own admission, he used to be a womaniser and his greatest love was going to where he would get a new catch. That love of his was what the Lord used to catch him into salvation.

He told the CHRIST APOSTOLIC MAGAZINE EDITORIAL TEAM last week that he was so deep in the Islamic religion that he hated going to church. But by his own admission he was a womaniser as God would have it, there was friend of his who knew his taste for women and where to get them. He was told by Mr. Mufutau to follow him to where he would pick and choose ladies to his heart's desire. One day he found himself following his friend to CAC Agbala-Itura, in search for ladies. It was during the Jesus Festival of that year, in the evening of December 21, 1982. During the programme Mr. Mufutau met God as he heard ladies confessing, under Holy Spirit conviction, how they used their diabolical powers to send men to their early graves.

There was one of the victims which Mr. Mufutau knew, and for whom he had worked. The man was a transporter, (he gave his name). He heard how the transporter was killed and he began to shake. He had thought the man had an accident, he didn't know it was through satanic operation of the familiar spirit in those ladies. Through this confession, combined with the sermon he heard, he became a changed man completely as he embraced Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour when the preacher made an altar call for sinners to give their lives to Christ. He was baptised at the end of December that year. From that day, he had completely yielded himself to Jesus Christ. Today, the then Mr. Mufutau has become Pastor and Prophet Moses Olagunju, the evangelist and prophet who is now very occupied for the Lord. He is the planter of Christ Apostolic Church, Agbara Olorunniigbani (Power of God saves) with Church branches in Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja and other parts of the country and even in overseas. All the assemblies are now under CAC Peace Zone.

He attended St. Peter's School Ojuelape, the school is opposite where he has his revival ground at Olose, Ibadan. He also attended the islamic School Basorun, Ibadan. 

As one who had trained mainly through tutelage, he was asked to compare training under tutelage with seminary training. He said for any one who wants to have a sound doctrinal and disciplined background, there is no alternative to tutelage. He is of the view that people going into ministry should be made to compulsorily undergo tutelage no matter how highly their theological seminary qualification could be.

According to him, tutelage training may be tough, it may be dirty sometimes. But for a man of God to develop the morality, the strength, the temperance needed to face challenges in ministry, he would need the tutelage experience. He added that when everything seems not to be working, the fortitude, the endurance and temperance that tutelage training offers will remain the objects to fall back on in order to forge ahead. He said during his own tutelage period, sixteen of them started the training, but only two of them ended the training. Even the second person who ended it with him could not remain in the ministry because he tried to help God do His work

Prophet Olagunju who, himself had seminary training later in his ministerial journey, believes that today's men of God who didn't have tutelage training often easily fall into error of beresy and syncretism. He attributed his standing in the ministry today to the sound doctrinal foundation which his training under Prophet Abiara, Prophet Akande in Ede and a host of others offered him.

Asked what it takes to be successful and remain relevant in ministry, he said "one must have absolute faith in the power of God. One must be a close Friend of the Bible which is the greatest weapon against the host of satanic manipulation Then one must be prayerful at all times." He admitted that there are many challenges a minister faces in the ministry. The only power to overcome these challenges is to remain steadfast in the Lord "You must accept Christ and remain in him whether it results in life or death"

Prophet Olagunju also spoke on variety of issues including the 2023 elections and the plan of God for Nigeria. He revealed what Nigerians should be preparing for, if the person God has chosen is not allowed to reach the Presidency. WATCH OUT FOR THE FULL LENGTH INTERVIEW IN THE NEXT EDITION OF CHRIST APOSTOLIC MAGAZINE. IT IS EXPLOSIVE!

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