Biography of Pastor Stephen Akilling

Pastor Stephen O. Akilling

Pastor Stephen Apan Akilling was born to parents who were traditional worshippers in 1933 in Richa town, which is about 30 kilometers to Bokkos, the headquarters of Bokkos Local Government Area of Plateau State.

He did not have a formal education. But it was noticed in Akilling that he was born a natural leader who was going to do great exploits either in the traditional religion of his people or in the white man's religion.

At the age of nine, he began to rear his father's cows. He soon became the leader of the cattle rearers known in Richa language as "wulet". It was an enviable leadership position because of the responsibilities attached to that position. In that capacity, he was the one to give direction as to where to graze. He would give order about swimming, and when to shot during hunting expeditions. Above all, he was the one to settle all disputes involving other cattle rearers.

Between 1943 and 1946 he becamethe leader of manjing peer group. That was Shugaban Sara in Hausa language. In that capacity he had the power of hire and fire. He could suspend or add any member to the peer group. He also became the leader of the youth known In Hausa as Sarkin Samari. Stephen Apan Akilling was never a lary man and this confirmed the view of some people that God never calls a lazy man. He combined cow rearing with hunting and farming and he was never found wanting in all the functions.

As if he was instructed by some higher forces that he should prepare for the gospel ministry, he enrolled in an adult education class in 1956 in his home town of Richa. He obtained certificate on completion of the training which main objective was to ensure people were able to read and write in Hausa language. With his little education, he went to Barkin Ladi, where he secured a job with an electrical company then under the labour office, Jos. He left the company and joined the Amalgamated Tin Mines of Nigeria. Still not satisfied, he went on to join the Post and Telecommunications. It was while working at P and T that he first heard about the Christ Apostolic Church revival meeting which was booming at Bukuru. He was told about the several healings and miracles which drew his attention to the Church. So, when the Christ Apostolic Church got to Barkin Ladi, Akilling was one of the first people to become member. He quickly rose to become the first indigenous elder of the Church. 


Initially when Stephen Akilling arrived at Barkin Lady he joined the ECWA Church. But when news of Evangelist S. O. Adeleye crusade exploits in Bukuru and some other parts of the North, was brought to him, he fell in love with Christ Apostolic Church, even though there was no branch of the Church at Barkin Ladi then. Not long after this, one Baptist Church deacon, known as Baba Aduke came to announce to Stephen Akilling that the CAC Revivalist, Adelaye would be coming for revival at Barkin Ladi, he responded immediately: "tell them that they already have a member in me and my family. When Evangelist Adeleye eventually came to Barkin Ladi in 1958, he went straight to the house of Baba Aduke who wasted no time in informing Stephen Akilling. He enthusiastically came to give the revivalist a big hug. From then, he became a member of Christ Apostolic Church. They then started crusades in Bakin Ladi. A member of Roman Catholic Church, John A Adekola came along with Evangelist Adeleve as an interpreter. During the revival, the interpreter was converted to CAC Before his death, he had risen to the position of District Superintendent of CAC in Yola


Pastor Akilling was entrusted with the onerous duty of taking the gospel to Bokkos land and he was endowed with high spiritual powers of healing, raising the dead etc. There was a case in which everybody around had given up hope. But Pastor Akilling persisted in praying when every other person had given up, eventually the guy came back to life the following day following Akilling's persistent prayers.


Akilling Region was carved out of the old Akinyele Region. The headquarter is Agege. The area covered by Akilling Region used to be known as Lagos 3.


The current Regional Superintendent is Pastor E. Olusoko. He was the Regional Superintendent of Olutimehin Region before his transfer to Akilling Region.

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