CAC Authorities induct 3rd Akinyele Regional Superintendent

CAC General Superintendent, Pastor Emmanuel O. Odejobi performing the induction rite

By 'Gbenga Bankole

History was made on Sunday May 22, 2022 when the Authorities of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas, inducted Pastor Samuel Adeyemo Adedayo as the 3rd Regional Superintendent of Akinyele Region.

Pastor Adedayo who has been serving in acting capacity throughout last year,  after the demise of the late and 2nd Regional Superintendent of the region, Pastor E.T. Ogunyinka, was inducted at a service held at Akinyele Regional Headquarters, CAC General Headquarters, Ebute-Elefun, Lagos. 

The induction rites were performed by the General Superintendent of CAC, Nigeria and Overseas, Pastor Emmanuel O. Odejobi. 

Apart from the General Superintendent, the service had in attendance the President of the church , Pastor Samuel O. Oladele and his wife, Mrs. Susanna K. Oladele, General Secretary, Pastor Emmanuel E. Mapur and Missions Director, Pastor Caxton S. Fasuyi. 

Also, among the notable personalities in attendance are the first Regional Superintendent of CAC Akinyele Region, Pastor Moses O. Yusuff, Regional Superintendent of Pearce Region, Pastor S.O. Aluko, Regional Superintendent of Essien Region, Pastor Olu Eyebiokin and the Regional Superintendent of Akilling Region, Pastor Emmanuel A. Olusoko. Others are the Director of Publicity, CAC Nigeria and Overseas, Pastor Ade Alawode, Music Director, Pastor Tope Dada and many other eminent personalities including Family, friends and other well-wishers, as well as some members of churches where Pastor Adedayo had formerly worked. 

The Regional Good Women and Akinyele Regional Choirs electrified the congregation with inspiring and scintillating song ministrations. 

While ministering at the programme on the topic "The Plumline" and taking his text from Amos chapter 7 verses 7, 8, the President of CAC Nigeria and Overseas, Pastor Oladele said Prophet Amos was given a vision of a plumline which would become the symbol of the standard by which God's people would need to live.

The President further stressed that Prophet Amos who was not taught by anyone was a Shepherd and farmer, but was taught by God. 

He noted that God may lead His Ministers to where they could learn new things, it could be school or under someone, just like the newly inducted Regional Superintendent of Akinyele Region, Pastor Adedayo who attended many schools and worked under many ministers of God, but the most important thing, he said is to be taught of God. 

"What is most important is that we should be taught of God. It is so pleasant to be taught of Him. The problem we have in this generation is that we have ministers who have acquired many certificates, but they have poverty of divine credentials. There are many members who have been taught by their ministers, but they were never taught by the Holy Spirit. Our personal endeavour is to be taught by God and learn from Him.


"In these days of wrong doctrines, we need to be taught by God. In these days when some preachers have mixed water of heresy with the pure wine of the Word, we need to be taught by God. Don't let anyone deceive you, the world is full of errors".Some Professors said Jesus Christ was not God in human flesh; is that knowledge? Christians of today need to know and we can't know without the anointing supplied by the Holy Spirit," he said.

Pastor Oladele said there are spirits of errors and falsehood everywhere today, including in CAC, adding that:"for the past 32 years, CAC has been in crisis and some people went round spreading falsehood. The crisis is a battle between truth and unrighteousness. If you're being taught of the Holy Spirit whenever anyone brings falsehood to you, you will know. We stand on the truth established by our fathers; the first President of our church, Oba I.B. Akinyele, first General Superintendent, Pastor D.O. Odubanjo and first General Evangelist, Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola and we will not depart from it till Christ comes."

According to him, the plum line is used to check allignment of walls by builders. It helps them to see if the wall has shot out or bent inward elsewhere. This enables the builder to correct his work if he observed that it has revealed any deviation from the original plan. Pastor Oladele added that is what the doctrine of God does.

While urging ministers and members of Akinyele Regional Council to come before God and regional meetings with straight mind, the Clergyman said our God is upright and straight, He is holy and righteous, by His nature He's straight and anything that is not straight is not from Him.

Quoting Isaiah chapter 40 verse 31, Pastor Oladele said there is no patience in the Christianity of today, urging the ministers to learn from the Scripture and leaders of the church, saying that: "we are examples of those who wait upon the Lord without politics or shenanigans.

Enough of politics about promotion, enough of fraudulent activities.  Whatever we build for Christ let us use the plumline of Jesus Christ to measure it. My fellow workers in God's vineyard, let us build with God's will, preaching nothing but the gospel. Let us lead people to God in holiness and righteousness. Let us establish discipline to make people steadfast before Him."

Pastor Oladele recalled that Pastor Adedayo was his Curate for four years when he was the District Superintendent of CAC Sanngo in Ibadan, stating that what usually causes issues among Superintendents and Curates these days didn't happen between them. He appreciated God for sustaining Pastor Adedayo till date.

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