Happy birthday to Coordinator of Babalola International Memoral Camp, Ikeji-Arakeji Prophet Alo

Prophet Sam Olu Alo

By 'Gbenga Bankole

God in His plan for the end-time has programme many of His vessels to carry out some specific assignments. One of such vessels Holy Spirit is using mightily in this end time to bring souls to repentance through divine prophetic blessings is the Coordinator of Apostle Babalola International Memoral Camp, Ikeji-Arakeji, Osun State, Prophet Sam Olu Alo.

Over the years, God has used Prophet Alo to be a blessing to many souls. Apart from being a blessing spiritually to many lives, he has also being a blessing financially to many. He was one of the ministers of the gospel who gave palliative to the needy Nigerians to cushion the effect of COVID-19 lockdown.Till today, he still gives helping hands physically and spiritually to ministers and people across the world. 


In an interview with Nigerian Tribune, Prophet said the following:

It started from my childhood, but I did not know that God was calling me. It was only recently that a brother reminded me that, as a boy, I once said something unforgettable. He reminded me that I confronted a powerful witch who had destroyed many lives in our family, telling her that I would bring her to nought, however great her witchcraft. In short, every statement I made from childhood was like an authority, but I did not attend church. My service in the Lord’s vineyard started about 18 years ago, but I fully took up the assignment about 12 years ago. I was not attending church since my parents did not compel me to. I was a very stubborn child, though I did not steal or rob. However, I was a master in gambling and table tennis. However, I thank God that He found me and delivered me.

Life-changing decision

I knew within me that I was destined for glory, but was being hindered. I decided on my own without anybody’s prompting that I would leave Ido Ekiti, my home town, and that I would not return there until I prospered. I went to meet a brother – he was a bricklayer then and a cleric – and I told him that I wanted to follow him to his Ado Ekiti base. He told me that he did not have a place where he could accommodate me. I told him I would follow him even if he slept outside. I was determined not to stay back in my home town. I left with one pair of trousers, shirt and a pair of slippers. I learnt bricklaying and the first thing I noticed as an apprentice was that things suddenly changed for the better for my boss after I joined him. Also, I discovered that I had deep understanding of the job, but my heart was worshipping God from my place of work. My boss was an Anglican and I attended the church with him. That time, a voice had been telling me that God was calling me, but I did not believe because I had decided in my mind that I could not be a cleric. I was thinking of how to become rich and famous so that I would be financially endowed to support clerics. One day, I met a mad man who, on seeing me, said: “This man, God is calling you but you working as a bricklayer. Despite the fact that you were deprived of the opportunity of going to school, you that could not make anything out of playing table tennis, God is calling you and you are turning a deaf ear. You are treading the path of destruction.”

However, what he said made no sense to me. When I completed my term as an apprentice, the day I was supposed to get a nod of approval of completion of my apprenticeship from my boss was when he drove me out of his house in annoyance. I had nowhere to stay but I decided not to return to my hometown unless I prospered.

After the encounter with the mad man, I had an inspiration one night. I saw Apostle Ayo Babalola. I did not know him physically, but I saw him in my dream, and he told me that the person I saw was not a mad man, but Jesus Christ talking to me. When I woke up, I could not see the person that spoke to me. What I saw was more than a vision: it was as if somebody stood by me and spoke to my ears. From that day, my life never remained same in terms of the gift of knowledge. Again, I slept and a Bible was presented to me. I read the Bible, it was since then that I could wake up in the morning and read the Bible.


I had a friend, Peter, that I could call an evangelism partner. We preached together, going from Ado Ekiti to Ikere Ekiti because of the vision that I had where Apostle Babalola told me it was Jesus Christ that spoke to me in the form of a mad man. I preached to students of the College of Education, Ikere Ekiti, but one day, Peter and I were to attend a funeral service at Iworoko Ekiti. Peter, in a bid to emulate me in the bus, shouted Halelluyah. Unknown to us, we were on the bus with members of a cult and some students of the state university. Peter urged the passengers to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour but it led to an argument on the Bible. However, I got inspiration when God spoke to me while we were in the bus. Eventually, a man, who was a member of the cult, described himself as the Apena of Ogboni. Of me, the man said: ‘Truly, God called you, this man.’ I preached from that place to where we were going. The students gave their lives to Christ. The man even asked me to pray for him which I did. The man died three days after, but the beautiful thing was that he gave his life to Christ. That was how I knew that God actually called me.

The great anointing

As proficient and efficient as I was as a bricklayer, it never amounted to wealth for me. I was earning fat pay, in addition to earnings from my commercial motorcycle business, but I made no headway, and could not boast of N1,000 at the end of a month. After about a year, another mad man appeared to me, saying if I did not leave my job, there was no way I could live in the world because I was sent to set free the human race. Three days after, I saw the image of Apostle Babalola again. I saw him anoint my head with oil, saying “I choose you.” I could not go to work for 24 hours, I was indoors. That was the first time I had 24 hours fasting, but I did not pray. The oil poured on my head could not allow me to go out. Since then, at work, if anybody was ill, I would ask them to pray into water and the sick person will be healed. At this point, I was determined to heed the call. The Holy Spirit directed me to leave the Anglican Communion for the CAC. I went to CAC, Agbala Ayo in Ado Ekiti. It was at that church they asked me to go to a seminary so that I could become a missionary. I went to the Holy Spirit School of Evangelism, Ilesa. When I got there, I knelt before a lecturer and the man said: ‘Prophet, you are welcome. You were supposed to have come to this seminary three years ago.’ Since then, they always made me head of evangelism groups, despite my inability to speak English or read the English Bible, but the person living in me read it out. I thought they would give me a post after graduating from the seminary; that man of God, Ajekiigbe was really spirit-filled. I came back to my church with that faith, but when I preached in one church, they said my ‘holiness’ was too high for them. Consequently, they reneged on their promise to give me a station. Later, they asked me to work on part-time basis and I was not even paid. I was later asked to go to Babajide School of Prophets and Evangelists, Ilesa, so that I can have proper understanding of CAC doctrine. I did not want to go and instead returned to the seminary where I graduated at Ilesa. I went to meet one of the lecturers there who, in turn, advised me to heed to the words of CAC authorities. He told me that God told him that He wanted to use me greatly for this country, but I should not allow anybody to pay my school fees and that God would visit me. I was told to not return to my local church after graduation. With tears, I went to obtain a form at Babajide School. The school turned out to be where my call manifested in greater dimensions.

Divine visitation

Despite not having money to pay for fees at school, I assisted in the construction of school buildings free of charge for three months because the Lord instructed me against collecting money. My colleagues, who joined, collected stipends for food, but I did not. When our graduation approached, and it was clear that those of us who did not pay school fees would be sent packing, a woman came from Abuja claiming God showed her a vision of me. She brought me a robe and two pairs of white suits and the balance for my fees for two sessions. She said the Lord asked her to give me. When I was brought before the woman, she presented the items to me, saying that was the kind of robe I wore when I prayed for her in her dream. I told her I had never been to Abuja and that I did not know her. I hold God in awe and that is the reason I wear robes till today. It was there God told me to go to the bush after graduation.

Gift of prophecy

When I went for practicals at Oka Akoko, Ondo State, the pastor in charge of the church, now late, described our night prayers as noise, when we went to greet him the following morning. Consequently, I told my colleague that I would not eat there. I then told God I wanted to see visions that would make me break records in the ministry. We made prayer our occupation and God used us for signs and wonders there.

Travails at Mountain of Mercy, Erio Ekiti

The bag I took to the Mountain of Mercy, Erio Ekiri (Ori Oke Anu, Erio Ekiti) is still with me. I sat on the rock for three months without going under any roof. I had a cave on the mountain where I prayed. That was where the man in charge of the Mountain of Mercy at that time, Baba Olu Oni, saw me. He said he saw something where I stood. He approached me to ask whether I would work with him. I told him I was not ready to work and that I only wanted to pray. After about three months, he asked me to pray further whether I could work with him. I went to pray, but my mind was bent on hearing from the Lord, not on working on the mountain. I saw the vision of an articulated vehicle which conveyed instruments ascended the mountain and offloaded the contents into a power house and I was later handed the key to the power house. I was given brooms to sweep and clean the mountain. I told the man that I saw that I swept the mountain and conducted service there. He then took me to the committee, and I began to work as an evangelist under him. There was a night the late Elerio of Erio Ekiti, Oba Aladetoyinbo, and Baba Akinpelu came to pray on the mountain, I did not know the monarch, and I went to ring the bell ordering everybody on the mountain to come into the church. The king asked me who I was, and I told him ‘I am Olu Alo, a worker here.’ When the king was hesitant, I told him: ‘If God called me genuinely, rain will send you away from here.’ In less than 10 minutes, clouds gathered and it rained and they were drenched. When they came in later, the monarch introduced himself as the Elerio of Erio Ekiti.

When I decided to leave Oke Erio in 2009, seven prophets from different states came to the mountain to inform me that God said I would continue to wander aimlessly if I should leave the mountain and that I would not be heard of. Prophet Hezekiah Oluboye was the seventh prophet. He said he had always thought of having me in his ministry. When I told him I would leave, he said the Lord told him that I should not leave the mountain. He said the Lord said if I should stay, I should forget about individuals I had known, but He would surprise me within three months. That is why in my call, no matter how wealthy a person is, all I want to know about such person is whether he knows God and that he should accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Obedience changed the story of my life.

Prophet Alo was transferred to Apostle Babalola International Memoral Camp, Ikeji-Arakeji, Osun State, Prophet Sam Olu Alo in 2020 from Erio Mountain by the church authorities.

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