It becomes a sin for us if we cannot preach the message of salvation, says Pastor Afolayan at Easter Monday programme


Pastor Isaiah Afolayan

By Rachael Oke

The Superintendent CAC Christ Family Zone and Ikosi District, Pastor Isaiah Afolayan, has told Christians that it becomes sin for Christians if they cannot share the message of salvation. 

He said this on Monday 18th April, 2022, during the Easter Monday service held at the Ikosi District headquarters in Ketu, Lagos.

Speaking from Romans 10:1-16 on the topic "Salvation has been brought down" Pastor Afolayan said that if Jesus could go through sufferings to save man, believers ought to reciprocate by telling the world about salvation.

He added that sharing the message of salvation is the assignment Jesus gave His disciples before He ascended to heaven. 

"I have finished the work of salvation, I have given my blood as a seal for salvation. I have finished it, Satan cannot alter it again. What I have done for you, go and tell the whole world. That is what Jesus is telling us today." He said.

According to Pastor Afolayan, preaching the message of salvation as a believer is not necessarily a function of having a theological degree, but a function of being sent.

"Jesus the Lord has sent us, it is not until you have a theological degree to preach Jesus; it is not until you read Genesis to Revelation before you can preach Jesus."

"What you need to say is what Jesus has done for you - how He saved you. Go and proclaim it; tell the world your salvation experience - what Jesus has done for you. Go and say it like the Samaritan woman did." He explained.

Speaking from John 14:6 on what believers are meant to tell the world about Christ, Pastor Afolayan laid emphasis on Jesus, being the only way to God.

"You have been sent, go and tell the world that Jesus is the only way to salvation, He died, resurrected and is alive and He reigns forever. Jesus is the way to redemption from sins. 

He also identified Jesus as the only way to forgiveness, peace and protection. 

"Anyone who is not in Christ has not received forgiveness and does not have peace. If you have truly obtained forgiveness, you will be free from guilt and your heart will be at peace." He explained.

"Jesus is the only way to protection and life; Jesus is the only way provided for all men to walk in. Anyone who does not walk on the way is on his way to destruction."

"Your righteousness can not take you anywhere; it is the death of Jesus that gives you salvation. That Jesus you accept will enable to forsake the world," he added.

He then advised believers to go back to their churches and ignite the fire of evangelism and let their lives preach the gospel.

The message was followed by powerful prayer session and Easter thanksgiving by each of the assemblies present.

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