How God of Ayo Babalola delivered me from kidnappers' den, CAC member narrates ordeal


Adeyi Oluwabukunmi Esther

By Rachael Oke and Gbenga Bankole

A young lady from Christ Apostolic Church, Oke Agbara (English Speaking Assembly), Ashi, Ibadan,Adeyi Oluwabukunmi Esther, in this feature, narrates her ordeal with kidnappers and describes her escape as an intervention from God.

Esther, who is an HND 1 student of Iree Polytechnic, was on her way to school on Monday, 18th April, 2022, when the incident occurred.

According to her, she had left church for school on that day before the ugly incident occurred. 

"I left Ibadan around past two in the afternoon. I was coming from church; it was my sister and her husband who took me to Baba Olowere's house and after we finished there I took a cab going to Iwo road to alight at Academy. From Academy, I took another taxi going to Brewery because that is where I do take bus to school because it is usually cheaper than Gbagi or Total."

"On getting there, I saw a bus with about five or six empty spaces remaining, so I joined. My school bag was on my lap. At the time we moved there were two or three spaces still remaining in the bus but the driver was in a haste. He was saying it's enough!  Let us go! We will get passengers on our way!" Esther explains.

After about twenty minutes drive, she observed that everyone was asleep even those behind her. She was surprised and wondered if it was stress that would make everyone fall asleep at the same time. 

According to her, while everyone was asleep, a man at the front was staring at her wondering why she was not sleeping. 

"The more he stared at me, the more I stare in return so that he would know I was not sleeping. That was when I suspected that I was in a wrong bus." She says.

She then, carefully and under tension, pretended to be asleep so as to inform her sister through text message.

"I placed my head on the school bag I was carrying so that I can pretend to be sleeping. That was where I texted my sister; I could not even type the message well so that they will not notice that I was using my phone or think I want to report them. This may probably make them want to harm me. I quickly typed the message, but under tension." She says. 

"After a while, we left the express road to a bushy path. I then began requesting from the man at the front what happened stating that the path is not the route to Osogbo. I tried waking the sister beside me, but she did not wake up despite how hard I hit her."

"After a while, they stopped along the bush path and asked us to come down and start walking. I asked them where the place was, where they were taking us to and if that place was the Osogbo that we said we were going. They asked me to shut up my mouth that everyone slept off in the bus, I was the only one who did not sleep. One of the men then pushed me forward to walk." She narrates. 

Esther recalls that they were taken to an uncompleted building, stating that all the victims were unconscious of what was happening and how she partially lost consciousness when one of the men slapped her because he realised that she was the only conscious person.

"On getting there, we saw a man who probably was their leader. They told the man that I was the only one who did not sleep amidst all the passengers. He then asked if I was hearing what they were saying and they replied him that I could hear. "

"I then told the man that I could hear them and was trying to ask them where that place was; the man slapped me and I also lost my consciousness, but I could see what they were doing; I could even hear them,  but not clearly". She recalls.

All the victims, according to Esther, were taken to the upper part of the building where each of them were asked to stand before an image.

"They brought out an idol or image for those who were unconscious to stare at it. Immediately each person looked at the idol, they would fall, and were taken away. Just like that, they all fell." She explains.

"When it was my turn, as I was the last person, I dropped my neck down. They raised my neck so that I can stare at the image, but nothing happened." Esther recounts.

"I was left in front of the idol for like five minutes, yet I did not fall. I was still standing. Later, the other man asked them to take me to a room and lock the door." She adds.

She explained that while she was in the room, a man entered there to interrogate her, asking her where she was coming from and what her name was.

"Later, a man came and asked me where I was coming from, I replied that I was coming from church - CAC Oke Agbara (English assembly) and I was going back to Osogbo. He asked me who I was going to meet in Osogbo, but I just responded that I was going to Osogbo. He then asked me to open my palms and rubbed something on it. Probably he was expecting a reaction,  but there was none."

"He asked for my name, but I did not respond. He then asked me "were you not the one speaking some moments ago?" He kept on asking for my name, but I did not utter a word. He also asked for my father's name, I did not answer him."

"It was while he was doing this that a man rushed inside saying that three people armed with guns were approaching the building, stating that they were coming because of me. He told the man who was with me there that it will not be good for the men to meet them there. He then advised the other man to release me and let me go since I was not useful for them." She narrates.

"He also told the man that my Father was downstairs, that my Father had ordered that they release his daughter and that if he comes upstairs by himself to pick me up, they will all be in trouble."

"The other man who had been with me before  then began to ask 'Daddy as in how?' 'Did you kidnap her with her Dad?' 'Did her Dad follow you here?"

She recalls that she was pushed out of the room to another room which was like a living room. From that living room, she was thrown downstairs and could not stand up. 

"It was the "man" who came to pick me up that held my hands and we left the place." 

"Before we left, "the Man" asked them to return everything they collected from me; they returned my phones, but they did not return my money." She recalls.

It was "the Man" that eventually led her out of the strange place to her house.

"The Man then asked me if He should take me to my house or my school. I told Him that He should take me back to school since I was not sure if those people would still be on the road."

"After then, I was not sure if it was by foot, air or by car, all I just knew was that He brought me to my hostel's junction and He said He would take me home." She recounts.

Another strange thing that made her realize it was divine intervention was when they approached her house.

"On our way to my hostel, on the street, I met some of my friends and I greeted them, expecting them to also greet "the Man" but none of them did. I also got to the hostel and noticed that none of the people in my hostel saw Him. That was God in action." She explains.

"Getting home, I was very strong. In fact, I was not feeling pains from the push that had happened earlier."

She recounts that when she had thought that it should end there, she noticed that the Man had still not left her.

"I tried emptying my food stuffs, changed my clothes but I was not feeling good; while I was changing my clothes, He was still waiting for me. He was at my entrance assuring me that I would be fine." She says. 

"I wanted to go and shower but I was not feeling good. My spirit was not at rest; I felt like I needed to talk to someone at least to let them know that I was fine and safe. I had to go to someone who was like a brother to me to talk to him so that he can call my sister and my mum that I was fine."

"The Man followed me down from my hostel to the street. Getting to the brother's street,  I could not see the Man again. How I got to the brother's passage I did not know. The brother then said that my family members had been calling me before then." She recalls. 

"All the while, I did not understand what was going on again until one of the elders in our church, called and prayed for me that I began to gain full consciousness." She  adds.

Esther expresses her gratitude to God and everyone who prayed and made efforts towards her release.


  1. God is good. The very present help in time of trouble

  2. She is indeed a child of God.
    I will advise we all look up to God in any situation.

    God of Apostle Joseph Ayò Babalola is alive.

  3. Yes, God is really great and merciful!

  4. Congratulations dear, God will keep on keeping you and all yours

  5. The God of our Fathers is alive

  6. This God is too much! We thank God for the divine intervention

  7. We serve a living God. His faithfulness endureth forever. May we continue to enjoying His supernatural protection in Jesus name.

  8. Who is like our God.
    May we receive grace to be faithful to him just like our founding fathers in ages past and also receive strength when it seems unwilling

  9. Indeed our loving father never allow His children to suffer. This is a lesson for we youth to be closer to God either at home, in school even in our offices. God of Joseph Ayo Babalola is still performing wonders as of old. We are children of fire that fire himself cannot burn. Hallelujah

  10. The God of cac is mighty and strong, who is like this God, no one

  11. Hallelujah! hallelujah!! Hallelujah

  12. Glory be to God. He will never share His glory with any image.

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