Current happenings in society can't change the truth that marriage is beautiful, says Marriage Counsellor


Mrs. Deborah Abimbola-Akanbi

A Marriage Counsellor, who is also the Convener of Royal Home Foundation International (RHFI), Mrs. Deborah Abimbola-Akanbi has said current happenings in the society can't change the truth that marriage is beautiful. 

Mrs. Abimbola-Akanbi who stated this in her release made available to CAC News said marriage remains one of the most beautiful gifts of God to us, as the very first institution ordained by Him on earth, to be a blessing to mankind and a praise to His own name if individuals will allow God to supervise the process through the principles of His Word.

She further explained that we have innumerable troubled marriages globally today, because many preferred to go on this sacred journey of life using human knowledge, philosophies and traditions of the world, adding that these are contrary to the original design of God. 

According to her, the reason for marital crisis and failure is deviation from God's Word, ignorance of what marriage is and the principles needed to build it, zero or little understanding of who you're journeying with, lack of adequate planning for the journey of marriage (but thorough concentration of the would-be couple and parents on the event of the ceremony), disobedience to the Word of God, selfishness, pride and attack or manipulation of the devil.

Other reasons for marital crisis, according to her are failure to be detached from parental and friend's aprons, not ready for a change when such is needed, lack of godly mentor, media influence etc.

"It is self-destructive to start the journey of marriage without having an understanding of it, through adequate home training and premarital counseling. Marriage has guided principles. And this you must know, understand and keep learning. Note that everything both on earth and in heaven is guided by principles. Remember the devil hates marriage from the beginning. And he can never repent. Therefore, watch your life and home with meaningful prayer daily.Marriage is a place of compromise!It takes humility to sustain a beautiful marriage," she noted. 

Mrs. Abimbola-Akanbi who is a Sunday School Teacher at CAC Vineyard of Mercy DCC headquarters, Lagos said it's a big error to be in a marriage relationship with a person without a mentor or without knowing the person he/she fears.

On the influence of the media on marriage, the Marriage Counsellor said to escape from marital error, you must be intentional to sieve every information that comes your way with the help of Holy Spirit, noting that no knowledge is as good as the knowledge of the Word of God. 

"As a child of God, you need a Christian Marriage Counselor who has integrity and testimony. Get one before going into marriage and don't hesitate to call or visit such when you sense issue that is beyond you in your marriage. Please, don't say it is well when you know it isn't well. According to a common saying, a closed mouth is a closed destiny. Don't only pray. Also be wise to speak out to the right person in order to be guided aright whenever there's a conflict that you couldn't resolve for 72 hours (three days). Or when violence is involved. Speak out immediately. You deserve to live in order to fulfill your destiny," she stated. 

With all the failed marriages we have today, Mrs. Abimbola-Akanbi said it is still possible to have a beautiful marriage, explaining that as an individual you should make up your mind to build your own marriage intentionally under the supervision of God through His Word alone.

She added that "no marriage is irreparable as far as God is concerned. Just return to God through Christ Jesus His Son and allow Him to take the leading position of your life and home. He's the Owner of marriage, He's the Giver of life, peace and lasting joy. Invite Him into your life and home and be in submission to His will in total. I can assure you that your own marriage can be beautiful, if you choose to follow God's way - The best way. Do not be afraid. Just be ready to let Christ Jesus lead while you follow in humility. Beautiful marriage is a choice. Bad marriage too is a choice; No one has neither in the gene. With God, you can have a Godly and beautiful marriage. Follow God's way!Keep your marriage. It's an added honour to you on earth!! Say no to domestic violence."

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