CAC All Saints Chapel holds "A Special Easter Sunday Service with the President of CAC, Pastor S.O. Oladele"

By 'Gbenga Bankole

Christ Apostolic Church, All Saints Chapel, CAC General Secretariat, Basorun, Ibadan on Sunday April 17, 2022 held a programme tagged "A Special Easter Sunday Service with the President of CAC, Pastor S.O. Oladele."

The programme which was held in commemoration of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus and in honour of the incumbent President of the church, Pastor Oladele witnessed a world class performance of CAC hymns, contemporary and classical songs by the choir.  

While giving his parting words before departing for an official assignment, Pastor Oladele said Jesus was crucified, but no longer on the cross; He was buried, but no longer at the grave; He is risen from the dead and He's our soon coming King.

He urged everyone to keep on defending the faith till we see Jesus face to face.

Ministering at the programme on the topic "Christ is Risen" (Matthew 28: 5-7), the Director of Youth Affairs, CAC Nigeria and Overseas, Pastor Samuel O. Gbuyiro reemphasized what the President said by saying Jesus died on the cross, but is no longer on the cross, and Christians are serving a living Savior and a living Lord. 

He noted that the resurrection of Christ remains the only foundation of Christian faith, noting that the foundation upon which we make our decree is the foundation of Jesus.

The Cleric said every year we are being privileged to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, but the Celebration should be seen as a wake up call, not a matter of celebration. 

"I consider it as God calling our attention to something beyond what the world itself understand. Seeing Jesus on the cross reveal to us the love of God for mankind. At the resurrection of Jesus we see God revealing His power. There is a power on the day Christ resurrected and that is why Paul says that "I may know Him...."

While explaining the four sides of His (Jesus) resurrection, Pastor revealed that they are the side of prophecy (it has been prophesied), the event side and the Story side.

He explained that, "The world is familiar with these three. It is being taught in the classroom. You don't need to be a Christian to tell us about resurrection. It is a story everybody know about. If resurrection is all about these three there is no need for us to gather."

"The aspect God wants us to have is 'experience.' So many religious leaders promised their followers resurrection. If Jesus is the only leader who promised to resurrect and he resurrected and as followers of Jesus, haven't experienced the power of resurrection, we are just like the followers of other leaders (who promised and failed)."

Pastor Gbuyiro continued that, "Ressurection will mean nothing to anyone who has not experienced the power of resurrection. Jesus emptied the tomb for us to fill the Earth. We will only fill the Earth when we understand the message of resurrection and it is the message of possibility. Ressurection speaks of possibility that we can live like Jesus."

"Resurrection removes doubt, impossibility etc. You can challenge the devil, you can challenge death and you can live for Christ. Anyone you come across must say he has seen Jesus, not by what we say but by the life we live. Death has no power over us. We can operate above death. The quest that should fill this season is the quest to experience the power of resurrection," the Director of Youth Affairs said.

The programme had in attendance notable faces such as the wife of the President, Mrs. Susanna Oladele; Regional Superintendent of CAC Babalola Region, Pastor J.O. Ogunwuyi; Chaplain of CAC All Saints' Chapel and Special Assistant to the President, Pastor T.D. Asokeji; Superintendent of Agbala-Itura DCC, Pastor O. Abraham Akinpelu and many others.

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