Easter:"We are meant to live, operate in resurrection power everyday," Pastor Daramola urges Christians

Pastor F. F. Daramola

By Boluwatife Oparinde

The Zonal Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Oshodi Zone, Pastor F. F. Daramola has said it is very appropriate to reflect on the place of God’s power in the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor Daramola said this in his Easter Message titled "RESURRECTION POWER" culled from John 20:4-10, as he described that Christianity was founded on power and has thrived thereafter through the display of God’s power. 

"What a special day we celebrate. What love. What power. On Resurrection Sunday, we commemorate the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, which He experienced willingly to provide us with abundant life now and for eternity. Celebrated by most people only once each year, we are meant to live and operate in resurrection power every day!"

Highlighting the necessities of remembering the death and resurrection of Jesus, the cleric stated that, "remembrance strengthens our faith; remembrance reminds us of the victory; remembering the resurrection of Christ gives us hope that we shall be raised with him in future even after our death; His resurrection reminds us that he was raised by the Spirit of the Father, and that same Spirit dwell in us and would give life to our mortal bodies."

The Zonal Superintendent who expressed that the list of God’s Resurrection power on display down the ages is endless, listed some of the out workings of this power over time as; "God displayed his power at creation, and the whole of creation attest to the power of God (Gen. 1:1-3; Romans 1:20);

God challenged Abraham to believe in his power to give him a son from his wife Sarai. God eventually gave Abraham a son even when they had passed the age of child-bearing (Gen.18:13-14; Jere.32:17); God delivered Israel from Egypt by his awesome power (Exodus 7:3-5; 14:31; Psalm 78:42-50.); God demonstrated his power to Israel in the wilderness through supernatural provisions (Num.11:21-23); God displayed his power at the conception of Jesus (Lk.1:34-35); Jesus grew up demonstrating the power of God through signs and wonders (Acts 10:38; Matt.11:4-6);the resurrection of Jesus was the greatest display of God’s power (Mt.12:38-40; Rom.1:4)."

The clergyman furthered that to live in the ressurection power every day, one must, "One, Activate the Resurrection Power by believe It, speak It and acting on it. Two, Live Healed Through Resurrection Power. Three, Live the Zoe Life Through Resurrection Power. Four, Live Free with Resurrection Power."

Pastor Daramola concluded that, "When you activate the power, live healed, live the zoe life and live free—you will live in resurrection power every day! As you celebrate Resurrection, let a new meaning of this day come up in your spirit, stir your faith, and activate resurrection power in your life. We have reason to celebrate every day because He is risen, indeed!"

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