Miracle, signs and wonders is not a proof of acceptable ministry- Pastor Ehinmode tells Ministers


Pastor M.K. Ehinmode

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Calvary Districts' Coordinating Council (DCC), Delta State,  Pastor M.K. Ehinmode has told ministers of God that miracles, signs and wonders is not a proof of acceptable ministry.

Pastor Ehinmode stated this while ministering on the topic "Acceptable Ministry, Christ's Pattern" at the recently concluded 2022 Odo Owa Annual Revival held at Babalola Mountain, Odo Owa, Kwara State.

While urging ministers to live life of Christ, the Cleric said "the power behind your ministry is the life you're living."

According to him, an acceptable ministry has nothing to do with the length of time and years in the ministry, citing the example of Saul who reigned over Israel for forty years without the ark of covenant, that is, without God.

"Remember Pharaoh's magician's rods also brought forth serpents. Moses smote the rock when he was to speak to the rock, yet water came forth, but God said, you have not honoured me among these people. • Samson was coming from an harlot house, yet he removed the city gate," he added.

The Cleric noted that a ministry that is acceptable to God it is the ministry that raises great armies for the Lord and ministry that raises quality people for the Lord, nurturing and grooming people in faith.

"Jesus raised men. He preached to the crowd, taught many, but invest and train few. Two missionary that was posted to a country, one was building cathedral, building and buying cars. The other was busy building and raising men. He disciples a lot of people, after a while the government of that nation asked them to leave. Twenty years after they came back, all the building that the first one erected has gone but the one who raises men came back and met thousands of people who have grown into maturity.

"If you raise men, you will not be erased from the earth. Though Jesus preached, taught and healed the multitudes (Matthew 4:23; 9:35), yet He spent most of time building the men that would help Him in the work. He was intentional in raising men. Also, people were His method - He poured His life into His chosen ones.He stayed with them. He was near, not aloof. He required obedience and held them accountable.He gave Himself away-not just His teaching, but His life. He showed them how to live and modelled a leader's life. He assigned them work and tested them.

He kept check on them and they were monitored," he explained.

Pastor Ehinmode told ministers of God that they cannot succeed outside God's ministry for them.

In every respect of His life, according to the Cleric, Jesus was the perfect example for every minister. 

Pastor Ehinmode also said that as believers, we are saved, called, commissioned, commanded, authorized, gifted and anointed for ministry, adding that we will be rewarded for ministry.

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