Why Prophets Olowere, Abiara, Pastors Adeboye, Kumuyi, other aged ministers are still around- A great challenge to upcoming ministers of God

By Evang. Oyesomi Rotimi Michael

Have you ever wondered why "Gospel Generals" such as Prophet M.O Olowere, Prophet S.K. Abiara, Pastor E.A Adeboye, Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, and a host of others, are still around, despite being in their 80s, 90s, 100s, having served in the ministry for over 60 years of their lives?

Well, here is the sole reason:


One of the uniqueness and peculiarity of these great GENERALS is their life of focus and concentration on God, and the things of God. They are known for their uninterrupted and unwavering dependence and reliance on God, for daily, timely and seasonal instructions and directions.

Many of these Generals are still been kept around because the UPCOMING GENERATION of ministers aren't available and ready. One would have thought that we should have by now, many Ministers ready to take over the BARTON, and continue from where these Generals are. But ALAS! The harvest is plenty (as a result of the hard labour of these Generals), but sadly and regrettably, the labourers are few.

Thousands graduate from Seminaries and Bible Colleges every year, with thousands being ordained as Ministers as well. Yet, God is still saying "the harvest is still enormous, and the labourers are few" - the major reason been attached or connected to the MOTIVE why many Ministers entered into Ministry, and their DRIVE as well. Not forgetting the GENUINENESS & VALIDITY of God's call upon these ministers, which most can't affirm or confirm, and hence doesn't know the PURPOSE & SIGNIFICANCE of their calling into ministry.

The love, quest, strive and contention for money, pleasure, leisure, properties, assets, titles, position, power, Influence and affluence has rendered the work of God in the hands of most upcoming ministers fruitless, unproductive and impotent. Most of them are after the frivolous and mundane things of this world, and are living a life of compromise and multiple standards to please men, forgetting we are mere "SOJOURNERS ON EARTH", and will soon go back (heaven or hell) naked and empty.

One of the major thing that distinguished these "Gospel Generals and icons" from ministers of this generation is in their selfless, sacrificial and philanthropical lifestyle. They are not power and position intoxicated, neither are they pleasure or leisure driven, nor titles or accolades motivated. Rather, they are GOSPEL & HEAVEN FOCUSED! More reason why their legacies, philosophies and principles have passed the test of time, tested over many years and proven to be KINGDOM CULTURED & MODELLED.

However, the GOLDEN question is "how long will they stay around"? The answer - Nobody can tell. But the reality is that, age is gradually catching up; their strength, agility and mobility are reducing; and sooner or later, whether we desire and like it or not, they will soon lay down their SWORD at the foot of Christ, and join the HEAVENLY SAINTS.

Another golden question is "what will happen to their labours and services in the vineyard for many years after their inevitable departure"?The answer - the present signs are not encouraging, and scary as well. Even in their last years on earth, before joining the heavenly Saints, there are already fierce STRIVES, COMPETITIONS & CONTENTIONS for their succession, substitution and replacement.

One would wonder whether Elisha contended to replace Elijah; or whether Joshua was desperate to succeed Moses. These servants were RIGHTLY POSITIONED, INSTRUCTED & EMPOWERED to succeed. They prioritized learning and embracing all the principles, philosophies, legacies and practices of their bosses (Elijah & Moses), over succeeding them. 

Hence, they already MERITED the succession plan of God, even before their bosses left. They had all the QUALIFICATIONS & REQUIREMENTS (spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical) to successfully succeed their bosses, and continued their assignments where it stopped, while maintaining their legacies and principles.

In conclusion, these Generals have laboured for many years, and some of them should be resting at the bossom of the LORD now. However, the "LACK OF CAPABLE & READY & AVAILABLE SUCCESSORS" has close the door of heaven on them, with God preferring to allow them stay much more longer, for the continuation and sustenance of their ministerial labours, services and assignments.

It's time for the "UPCOMING GENERATION OF MINISTERS" to allow these "Gospel Generals" (who have laboured for many years) to go home and rest; by rightfully positioning ourselves to be enlightened, empowered, strengthened and equiped to take over the "BARTON OF LEADERSHIP & ADMINISTRATION" from them. 

While striving to maintain and sustain their principles, philosophies and legacies that has brought enormous FRUITFULNESS, SUCCESS & EXPANSION to the body of Christ, in the spread of the Gospel of Christ, and in the establishment of God's Kingdom on earth.





  1. What a Wake up Alarm for My Generation!!!
    Oh Lord help us to take Responsibility for our Assignment and Future.
    God bless you with more Understanding my boss

  2. Hmmm... Lord have mercy! There's a need for rededication.

  3. I wrote down some points gleaned from the write up as what every minister should ruminate and take stands on:

    Motive/drive for ministry
    Genuineness and validity of Gods call
    Purpose and significance of Gods call
    The love/quest/strive for money/titles / positions and otherbenefits

    May God help us , more annointing to Gods vessel who wrote.

  4. They are still valid, competent,sill with God,fire 🔥 brand and still relevant,many young Ministers are running after money

  5. Hmmm.... God have mercy and take total control

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