"Has the gods of other nations rescued them?" by Pastor Gbenga Aluko


Pastor Gbenga Aluko


Text: 2 Kings 19:10-15

The study will be done with the following sub-headings:


* The encroaching

* The plea and gifts

* The threats and attack

* King Hezekiah seeks God

* The Lord spoke about king of Assyria

* The Lord acted

The encroaching 2 Kings 18:13

The Assyrian king Shalmaneser attacked Samaria and it fell although this is due to her refusal to listen to and Obey God 2kings 18:12, anyone who specializes in disobedience especially to God is a candidate for destruction, lets beware and adjust appropriately.Eph.5:6.King Sennacherib possibly emboldened by His predecessors conquest and also with the fact that His cup of wickedness, pride and oppression was full before the judge of the whole earth he laid siege and began a dangerous onslaught against Judah Vs.13,like the devil his master and controller he had in mind a complete destruction and bringing to slavery the remnant of Israel John 10:10,In the mighty name of Jesus every plan of the devil to destroy us is thwarted by the power in the name of Jesus Amen.

The plea and gifts 2 kings 18:14-16

King Hezekiah did not belittle King Sennacherib, His capacity, presence and threats, he routed for peace seeking to know what himself and his people’s offence was and what tribute he wanted for peace to reign to which Sennacheribs’ responded that more than 10 tonnes of  Silver and a tonnes of Gold.

King Hezekiah sought for it anyhow and every how including stripping the palace treasury and the Lord’s temple 18:15-16.Just to placate the angry and threatening king of Assyria he gave him all he requested.

The threats and attack 18:19ff

Inspite of King Hezekiah’s choice of peace, plea and gifts the King of Assyria had a different, deceitful and destructive agenda.

Both before, during and after the summon of King Hezekiah which he delegated his officers to attend, he threw /asked a lot of inciting questions but he already had his mind made up on trouble he was just looking for an opportunity to do it he didnot get from them 18:36 (what a worthy example, keeping to a Godly instruction in face of overwhelming rabbling) but he still carried out his evil intention he however started by asking inciting and demeaning questions:


What/who are you trusting                                             Vs.19

Can mere words substitute military skill and strength     Vs 20

Can your king even find 2000 horsemen to ride to battle even if I provide the horses   Vs.23

Have the gods of any other nations ever saved them                                                       Vs 33


What words have been said against us that made us misbehave, we are not following this Godly pattern as one of the weapons of the enemies is to make us angry so as to misbehave to everyone including God and lose all we have got, remember Jesus’ advice be gentle and wise, we were sent to wolves. Matt 10:16


King Hezekiah seeks God 19:1-5

When trouble, insults and disgrace became almost imminent king Hezekiah immediately sought the face of God 19:1-4,who do you seek when all hope seems to be gone, when you have your fair share of trouble, insults and disgrace, learn from Hezekiah 2 kings 19:3,Psalm 77:2.


Nobody prepares for battle in battle Pst. JT Aboyeji, who is your Lord and saviour now, who do you submit to now? That tells who you will run to,what you will get and how you will end your life, choose life choose Jesus.


The Lord spoke about king of Assyria 2 king 19:22ff 

God spoke and two dimensions can be gotten from His powerful response:

(a)    The Lord rebuked him of his pride, speech and actions against His elect/people that they were against Him (God) and he can’t stand against Him vs. 22-24.The Lord made clear to Him that all his seeming achievements,boastings,bragging were actually His designs and work that the boastful king was just used as an instruments vs. 25-27.

(b)   The Lord pronounced His judgment against him, telling him clearly how he will be destroyed. Anyone that’s unrepentantly against God’s program or people will ultimately be totally destroyed the question is when, don’t play with God’s judgment it is like kicking against the prick. Acts 9:1ff, 2 king 19:28, 32-34.


The Lord acted 2Kings 19:35-39 

The Lord acted just as he has spoken, he did it in what I will call tranches:

(a ) Dispatched an angel who killed 185,000 of his entourage vs. 35,this left the boastful King with no other option than to leave/to stop his needless war/assault and return home vs.36

(b ) His son killed him while he was worshipping his toothless god vs.37, he did not have an option to re-attack.May God help and strengthen us to seek Him wholeheartedly irrespective of the pressure and tension or the lack of both in Jesus mighty name Amen. Shalom.

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