CAC Lokoja DCC holds retirement service for Pastor Olorunwa


By 'Gbenga Bankole


Christ Apostolic Church, Lokoja Districts' Coordinating Council (DCC), Kogi State, on Sunday March 27, 2022 held retirement service for her retired Superintendent, Pastor E.O.T. Olorunwa.


Pastor Olorunwa was transferred from CAC Odi-Olowo DCC, Lagos by the church authority in year 2020 to CAC Lokoja DCC, Kogi State.


At the well attended retirement service, there were songs ministration by Pastor Dr. J.A. Olumehin, Ministers' Wives Choir and Lokoja DCC Mass Choir.


Sermon was delivered by the Chairman, Council of Superintendents in Kogi State and the Kabba DCC Superintendent, Pastor J.A. Oyeyemi on the topic: 'Better is the End Than the Beginning.'


The climax of the retirement service was the presentations of gifts and Award of Excellent Leadership to the retiring Superintendent by the Lokoja DCC Youths.



Pastor E.O.T. Olorunwa was born to the family of Late Pa and Madam Joseph Taiwo Adegbola of Aganna Compound, Ago-Are, in Atisbo Local Government Area of Oyo State, on 21st March, 1947. After the completion of his Primary School Education in 1962 at Baptist Day School, Ago-Are, he could not further his studies due to financial constraint, even though he was very brilliant.

As a result, young Emmanuel proceeded to serve under a prominent Ibadan business woman as a house help on a fifteen shillings per month-salary in January, 1963. He was later transferred in the same year to the woman’s sister in Lagos on a monthly take-home of one pound, five shillings. He left Lagos for Ago-Are in December, 1964 from where he proceeded to Ilorin in January, 1965. At Ilorin, he faced a lot of oppressions and untold hardships. To keep body and soul together, he made do with odd jobs.

In December, 1965, young Emmanuel returned to his home-town and thereafter accompanied one of his uncles to the Upper Region of Ghana. While in Ghana, he learnt trading in which he excelled. He left that West African Country in January, 1969 for Nigeria before the hostilities between Nigeria and Ghana that prompted the repatriation of Nigerians from Ghana.

Back in Nigeria, he became a steward to Mr. Ayantayo Ayandele, (a one-time NTC Manager, Ibadan) for three months, after which he decided to move to Lagos again where he served the Oluwole family as a steward. The Oluwoles encouraged him to further his education which he did. He learnt Typewriting, Shorthand and English Language at an institute in Itire, Lagos. By September 1969, he left the steward job after he secured another job as Assistant Counter Sales Manager with Roycameron Pools Company Ltd, Lagos and was posted to the Company’s branch Office at Agege, Lagos.

As a form of reward for his excellent performance, he was promoted to the position of Counter Sales Manager in October, 1970 and in December 1970; he was promoted again as substantive Branch Manager and got transferred to the Company’s Branch Office, Ibadan, because of his exceptional performance. This marked his turning-point to stardom! He held on to this position until the Company folded-up because of the heavy winnings in 1973 or thereabout.

Between 1973 and 1974, he became a reputable collector and checker for some pools companies in Ibadan. In obedience to prophesy, he returned to Lagos towards the end of 1974 and bid pools business a final bye-bye.

Getting back to Lagos in 1974, he decided to further his education. He enrolled with two institutes, one in the morning and the other in the evening at Ojo Street and Papa Ajao areas of Mushin. This bold step assisted him to obtain RSA and Pitmans certificates in stages 1 and intermediate levels in some commercial subjects.

As a lover of knowledge and a hard worker, he obtained many other certificates as well and won notable award. Some of these are listed below:


      Diploma in Business English at BTL, Manchester, England – 1978

      Diploma in Business Administration and Management ABE (N) – 1992

      P.G Diploma in Business Administration and Management (ABE (N) – 1995


  1. Word Bible School
    1. Certificate of Recognition      -           Correspondence Course
    2. Certificate of Recognition      -           Christian Life Course
    3. Certificate of Recognition      -           The Church Course
  2. Certificate of Pastoral Ministry          -           C.A.C.T.S       -           Ile-Ife (1989)
  3. Diploma in Bible Course         -           CLIBICO Ibadan – (1996)
  4. Diploma in Theology              -           CLIBICO Ibadan – (1996)


      Manager-of-the-year-Award –            1995



      He worked with Ideal Plastic (Nig.) Ltd., Lagos, as an Account Clerk and rose to the rank of a Commercial Supervisor between 1976 and 1978; Olympics Plastics (Nig.) Ltd, Onitsha, Anambra State, as the Pioneer Administrative Manager/Accountant 1978 – 1983. Became the Chairman/Executive Director of:

a)      Whilzy Industries Nigeria Ltd.                                   (1979)

b)      Founded Felade and Sons (Nig.) Ltd             1981

c)      Founded Iluku Enterprises (Nig.) Ltd                        1995

d)     Founded Ajiboro Enterprises Ltd                               1995

e)      Founded Kulala Technical Ltd                                   1995

f)       Founded Agada Agro Chemicals (Nig.) Ltd. 1995

g)      Whilzy Packaging Complex Ltd                                 1996

      He was a pioneer member of Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, Oyo, Ondo & Ogun States branch, 1982.

      He also represented Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) in the Oyo State Committee on ‘Back-to-land-Scheme’ during Col. Olurin’s tenure as the Military Governor of Oyo State.

      He was a successful industrialist before his final call into the Ministry



Born a Baptist, he was converted and then joined the Christ Apostolic Church Mission in 1969. Having fruitlessly resisted the call and struggled with the Lord from his youth for several years, he finally bowed to the call into full time ministry. Earlier, as a mark of his calling and his unyielding nature, he began to experience unusual imbalance in his industrial, commercial and construction businesses. This made him to eventually yield to the call of God as a minister of the gospel.

At the early stage of his ministerial works, he served as per time teacher and curate pastor under the tutelage of some great men of God like late Pastor J.A Akinbileje, late Pastor D.O. Ibitoye and late Pastor J.O Yamakinde before founding C.A.C Miracle Temple, Odo-Asipa, Oyo and served as the pioneer Pastor in 1990. He became the District Superintendent of Oyo Central District in 2001 and later became the Chairman, Oyo/Oke-Ogun DCC in January, 2004.

He served as:

      Leader, Prayer Warrior CAC Oke Igbala, 3B, Oguntoye Street, Mushin, Lagos (1975 – 1978).

      Member, Elder & Church Committee, CAC, Oke Ayo, Owode, Oyo (1980 – 1989).

      Curate Pastor, CAC Oke Ayo, Owode, Oyo (1989).

      Pioneer Pastor, C.A.C Miracle Temple, Oyo (1990 – 2001).

      Promoted A.G.S – 1996.

      Appointed District Superintendent, Oyo Central District, Oyo (2001 – 2002).

      Elevated to the post of a DCC Chairman, C.A.C Oyo/Oke Ogun DCC, Oyo in 2004. And served as DCC Chairman from 2004 – December, 2007.

      Zonal Chairman, Olode Zone, Osun State, January, 2008 – October 2011.

      DCC Superintendent, Odi-Olowo DCC, Lagos, October 2011 – June 2020 and finally

      Lokoja DCC, Kogi State; DCC Superintendent        - June 2020 till date, where he has now retired.


During Pastor E.O.T. Olorunwa service to the Church, he was appointed to serve in the underlisted committees at the National level:

    1. Member, Five (5) man Panel of investigation sent to Igbo land by the CAC Authority for the purpose of investigating the rift that pervaded the land then and also recommend possible way out to the Authority.
    2. Chairman, Three (3) man Panel of investigation of the rift in Efik-land, Akwa Ibom after which far-reaching recommendations were made to the Church Authority.
    3. Member, Three (3) man Panel of investigation to investigate and make necessary recommendations to the problem at CAC Ogudu Zone, Lagos.
    4. Member, CAC Youth Fellowship (CACYOF) National Committee during the period Pastor Joe Jacobs was the CACYOF Youth Officer.
    5. Member, CAC Finance Committee till date and
    6. Pioneer Chairman, CAC Tenders Board till date


Pastor E.O.T. Olorunwa is highly gifted and has developed interest in the following areas during his ministry

  1. A teacher on Marriage Matters
  2. Blessed with Prophetic Prayer Ministry
  3. Gifted at organizing Seminars/Symposia
  4. A Revivalist/Counsellor
  5. In addition, Pastor E.O.T. Olorunwa is a prolific writer and he has thirteen (13) published books to his credit till date.

By the grace of God, the prophetic ministry of Our Father in the Lord enjoyed the backing of the Holy Spirit with evidence of spiritual impact, physical developments and remarkable testimonies of unprecedented advancements and breakthroughs in the life of the people that came in contact with him and in all the places he was privileged to serve.

Our father in the Lord is well travelled and he has had the privilege of travelling to several countries of the world among which are Ghana, Benin Republic, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangkok, India (New Delhi), Dubai in UAE, West Germany, United Kingdom where he visited great cities like London, Birmingham, Sunderland, Newcastle and including the United States of America where he just returned from to Nigeria only three months ago; and that was not his first visit to the US.

He is married to Lady Evangelist Funke Olorunwa for over four decades now and there union is blessed with lovely and God-fearing children.

To God be the glory!



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