Evang. Osasona inducted as Superintendent of CAC Oke-Ife DCC

Regional Superintendent of CAC Babalola Region, Pastor J.O. Ogunwuyi reciting the induction rite

By 'Gbenga Bankole

It was a memorable day of history on Sunday, January 30, 2022, when the authority of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas inducted Evang. Jacob Ayodele Osasona as the Superintendent of CAC Oke-Ife Districts' Coordinating Council (DCC), Babalola Region, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Evang. Osasona who is the 6th Superintendent of Oke-Ife DCC was inducted by the Regional Superintendent of Babalola Region, Pastor J. O. Ogunwuyi who represented the church authority. 

The church auditorium was filled to the brim, not only with ministers and members of the Oke-Ife DCC, but family and lovers of the Evangelist.

While delivering the welcome address, the DCC Secretary of Oke-Ife DCC, Pastor T. O. Adenibuyan said it is no gain-saying that God has sent Evang. Osasona to the DCC to lead them in His way, and to teach them from His Word. 

He further said that; "this we have seen in the human and capital development in the Coordinating Council as a whole. His resumption as the Superintendent of this Coordinating Council has marked the beginning of a new era. He is an optimist who believes that all things are achievable. His administrative efficiency has affected the DCC and the Districts' positively."

Stating the achievements of Evang. Osasona within the six months he has spent, Pastor Adenibuyan said: "Evang. Osasona reorganized and integrated the DCC executive; holding of powerful programmes at the DCC headquarters assembly; Olorun Aperire every Monday by 6-7am; and Wednesday programme, Day of Mercy (Ojo Aanu) by 6am-9am; which has boosted the attendance of the Church and now the talk of the town. He is a man of time who doesn't waste pople's time and will not allow anyone to waste his time."


"His impact in the area of capital development cannot be over emphasized such as procurement of modern public address system; drilling of borehole and the erection of an overhead tank; facelift of the church altar; modern pulpit (made of marble); tiling of the whole church; provision of modern offering box and decoration of the church. Also to be completed within few days are erection of a podium that will be named "In the presence of God (Niwaju Oluwa)". Likewise, school project, change of the main auditorium windows to a modern one; building of lockup shops and car park as well as a bifitting signpost."

The Regional Superintendent of Babalola Region, Pastor Ogunwuyi while ministering at the programme (taking his text from John 8), said that we must know the truth, and despite being enagaged in so many things, what should be our concern is knowing the truth. 

He further emphasized the need to be exposed to the truth and know the truth.

Pastor Ogunwuyi also said; "You may think you know the truth already, but you need to know the truth more. You need to know the truth about where you are and where you are going. Many never examine where they are and where they are going to."

"You need to know Jesus. You need to be enlightened. Your knowledge is very important and we must all seek knowledge. As a man of God, you need to read books that will benefit you. Show that you know the word. If you want to be distinguished as a Christian, you have to be knowledgeable about the word of God."

According to him, the truth that everyone needs to know is Jesus Christ, adding that; "He will open our eyes to ourselves. We need to know the truth about salvation. There is no salvation elsewhere except in Jesus Christ."

Evang. Osasona thanked God for everything and also appreciated every member of the DCC, particularly the organizing committee. He also appreciated the Regional Superintendent of CAC Babalola Region, Osun and all the ministers who honoured him with their presence. 

At the end of the service, "Olorun Aperire" water was sanctified by the Regional Superintendent of Babalola Region, Pastor Ogunwuyi.

The programme had in attendance notable faces like the retired and pioneer Regional Superintendent of CAC Babajide Region, Pastor M. A. Ogundeji; retired and former Superintendent of Oke-Ife DCC, Pastor Luke O. Asaaju; Superintendent of Oke-Ado DCC, Pastor G. S. Dada; Superintendent of Agbala-Itura DCC, Pastor O. A. Akinpelu and many others.

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