CAC Pearce Region holds welcome service for Regional Superintendent, Pastor Aluko


By 'Gbenga Bankole

Christ Apostolic Church, Pearce Region on Saturday, January 29, 2021 held a welcome service for her pioneer Regional Superintendent, Pastor Stephen O. Aluko.

It would be recalled that late last year the church authority created six new regions and appointed Pastor Aluko as the Regional Superintendent of one of the newly created regions, which is Pearce Region (former Lagos 2 centre).

The welcome service was held at the regional headquarters of Pearce Region, CAC Mushin DCC headquarters, Mushin, Lagos State. 

While ministering on the topic "Togetherness in Jesus Christ" taking the text from Acts chapter 4 verse 32 to 37 and Acts chapter 2 verse 42 to 47, the new Regional Superintendent, Pastor Aluko said the Lord has designed that men and women should live together and in groups and that is why there are groups like Nigerian Bar Association, Nigerian Medical Association etc.

He noted that togetherness refers to having group or family feelings and connectedness; explaining that despite the advancement in technology, players of a football team cannot train separately.

Pastor Aluko said the church authority chose to create regions in order to ease administration, facilitate togetherness and to make oneness possible. 

He added that; "most of us have been doing so many wonderful things at various levels God has placed us, we have wonderful choir master at the local level, endorsed Sunday School Supervisors at the local level etc. You are making history but God wants to enlarge our history."

On the people who should gather together, the Cleric stated that; "those who have accepted Him and those who have decided to be calling on him. There must be gathering unto God which is possible after we have given our lives to Christ. Today we have sophisticated sinners. We cannot flow together if we are not in Christ. For us to flow together we must have the same mind, not the same qualification or exposure." 

Emphasizing the purpose of gathering, Pastor Aluko noted that the purpose of gathering is worship, walking and working. 

"We must worship together. You must not be irregular. For us to be able to flow together we must worship together. God will not give you work to do for Him if you are not a good worshipper. I can give you be my own evaluation, but God will never give you. God will because of your worship promote you to where you never imagine in life. Purpose of gathering also includes family feelings, connectedness, walking together etc. God doesn’t expect any Christian to live in isolation. You can’t grow when you walk in isolation. God doesn’t celebrate individualism," he said.

According to him, when people of God gather together, powers will be generated because the purposes have been well established. 

"As we walk together one of the things we will beginning to know is our uniqueness. When we come together we will beginning to generate power and there would be team work. We are suppose to be a team at the regional level and it doesn’t interfere your church programme. If you are not used to our gathering together, you may not gather with us together at eternity," he further empathized.

He urged the people to beware of wrong motive, adding that: "we must stand against individualism. We must be careful of inferiority complex. We must be careful of refusal to learn from the past. There is no one who has worked alone and succeeded. When we walk together we will succeed together."

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