“What can separate us from the love of Christ” by Pastor Gbenga Aluko


Pastor Gbenga Aluko


Text: Romans 8:35-39


This study will be done with the following sub headings:


His provisions from the text

Aftermath/benefits from correct yielding to His provisions

Things that attempt separate us from Christ



Scholars believe that the book of Romans was written around AD 57 in Corinth, It also believed that the church may have been founded by Jewish believers converted in Acts2 and has amongst others the purpose of the book as: ( a ) Apostle Paul’s introduction of himself to the Church (b) systematic explanation of the gospel to them ( c ) practical explanation of the ideal relationship between the Jews and Gentiles even in the church. Sincerely Apostle Paul is someone worth meeting physically if his epistles written well over two thousand years still exudes such wisdom, mystery and impact what a man, every generation also need the gospel properly laid bare even as we move towards the last days of the earth, most things we do both at the level of the laity and clergy needs the gospel may God help us Amen. Relationship is seed whose harvest is always looming hence the need to be learn and relearn the does and don’ts of relationship even from a biblical perspective.

Chapter eight (8) which is our focus starts out declaring that there is now no condemnation for those who belong to Christ. Considering the fact that some may see that declaration as a blank cheque to misbehave, it was clarified in the latter verses that we are not controlled by our sinful nature but by God’s spirit vs.7-9, as sinful nature leads to death as Adam Vs.13, Gen 3.

The chapter further explains what the Spirit does for us amongst others as:

1. Spirit makes us His children vs.14

2. Spirit drives fear away vs. 15

3. Spirit affirms our sonship vs.16

4. Spirit helps us to pray vs. 26-27


His provisions from the text 

1. God is for us                                vs.31

2. God gave us His son                   vs.32

3. He reconciled us to Himself       vs.33

4. Christ died for us                        vs.34


Aftermath/benefits from correct yielding to His provisions 

A host of God’s provisions has conditions attached to it, if you are willing and obedient Is.1:19,if you faithfully obey god blessings will follow Deut. 11:27, this isn’t an exception, it is our continuous alignment and yielding to God that continually unclench His provisions


1.No one can be against us

2.He will give us all according to His will

3.No one can condemn us

4.No one can separate us

5.Christ is pleading for us


Things that attempt separate us from Christvs 35, John 16:33 









It is our receiving the Holy Spirit and our consistent dependence on him exclusively that guarantees our together with Christ not minding the fiery darts that the devil is throwing at us (hence the Godly emphasis on the Spirit in the preceding verses).

Let’s wait on Him to receive and yield to His Lordship that is the only saving grace.

Compliments of the season to you in Jesus mighty name, Jesus is the reason for the season don’t forget that.

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