It is unwise to celebrate Christmas when you don't know Jesus Christ


...says Pastor Oladele as CAC holds 2021 Christmas Carol

By 'Gbenga Bankole

As the world celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, a Cleric has raised a poser: is it wise to celebrate the birthday of somebody you don't know?

The President of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas, Pastor Samuel Olusegun Oladele, who raised the poser said conventional wisdom says it is unwise for anyone to celebrate the birthday of somebody you don't have acquaintance with.

He continued that majority of people today don't know Jesus Christ, yet they celebrate Christmas. 

He noted "we know Jesus birth is being celebrated by billions of people across the world, but it is being celebrated mostly by people who have no business with Him".

Pastor Oladele stated this while ministering on the topic: "the birth of Jesus Christ in the days of Herod" (text; Matthew 2:1) at the 2021 Carol of Nine Lessons organised by CAC Nigeria and Overseas held on Friday December 10, 2021 at CAC All Saints' Chapel, inside the CAC General Secretariat, Basorun Ibadan, Oyo State.

The Cleric further emphasized that: "Christmas is not about the foods and drinks. We celebrate Him because we know Him. You have no business to celebrate whom you do not know. It is meant to be celebrated by those who know Him".

Pastor Oladele said the world has been completely a different place since the fall of man, it became a place of sorrow and misery, adding that since then, man has tried his best to produce a new paradise for himself, but all his efforts have ended up in chaos, corruption and disorder. 

He stated further that countries across the world tried to better the lot of man, they try their best to make the world a better place, but without success. 

"Political contest, politics and philosophy all failed before the birth of Jesus. Empires have come and gone. There have been queens and princesses who have ruled but they have not made the world a better place. Kings have come and gone, but they couldn't solve the problems of the world. It was when we thought there was no hope for anything good in the world that Christ was born," he noted.

While talking about how influential and powerful the kingdom of King Herod was, Pastor Oladele noted that King Herod was described as great, but his greatness was light in the positive side, but more pronounced on the negative side such as in wickedness, debauchery, licentiousness, corruption, blood-letting and all kinds of hubris. He is of the view that greatness can only be measured if it is positive and on the side of God. 

He added that;"today we have our way of calling people great, but no true greatness if such greatness is not found in Christ."

According to him, our world today is likened to the days of Herod, all sorts of things are around us, the darkness of of the days of Herod couldn't prevent Christ from coming. He came not because of the good we have done, but through the love God bestowed on humanity.

"He came, he died, he was buried and he arose. He came to remove sin from our heart, homes etc. The very essence of Christianity is the removal of sin. If we allow Christ to reign in Nigeria there will be a difference," Pastor Oladele stressed.

"The church is not a place of entertainment, it is a place where Christ rules and should be showcased. If Christ was born in the days of Herod, Christ can still be born in the heart of wicked people today. He rules and reigns in peace and righteousness. Instead of falsehood, he gave us the truth. When we come to Christ we breathe purer air. Over 2000 years ago he was born in the manger, he can still be born today in your heart. Are you living under the influence of Herod of this world? Hope is not lost for Christ to be born in your heart," he concluded.

At the well attended carol service, the new choir robe that was donated by a member of the Choir from abroad was dedicated by Pastor Owoeye on behalf of the church authority.

The Choir under the leadership of Music Director of the church, Pastor Tope Dada and his Assistant Pastor Paul Bankole performed songs such as "In Dulci Jubilo", "E ja kayo", "He shall be called"," Oh Come All Ye Faithful", "Eniyan sori ire","The First Noel"," Angels from the realm of glory","Mo di Olori ire","Loru ojo ibi Jesu", "Lord, I lift your name on high" and "Thou Crowneth the Year."

Carol lessons were taken by the Internal Auditor of the church, Pastor H. Omoniyi, Superintendent of Ebutte-Meta DCC, Pastor Gbenga Adelusi, Superintendent of Oke-Ado DCC, Pastor Gabriel S. Dada, Minister in Charge of Ori-Oke Baba Abiye, Ede, Prophet Funsho Akande, Provost of CACTS, Prof. C.O. Oshun, Barr. (Elder) Ime Umossoh, wife of CAC Missions Director, Mrs. J.T. Fasuyi, CAC Director of Publicity and Chairman of Carol Planning Committee, Pastor Ade. Alawode and Regional Superintendent of Babalola Region, Pastor J.O. Ogunwuyi.

Apart from the President of the church and his wife, Pastor and Mrs. S.O. Oladele who were in attendance, the programme had in attendance prominent personalities such as the wife of the General Superintendent of the church, Mrs. Mariam Odejobi, the General Secretary and his wife, Pastor and Mrs. Emmanuel E. Mapur, Finance Director and his wife, Pastor and Mrs. Johnson F. Omitinde, Missions Director and his wife, Pastor and Mrs. Caxton S. Fasuyi, Regional Superintendent of Latunde Region, Pastor Timothy Agbeja and many others.

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