Nigeria will overcome challenges when citizens show love, unity – Prophet Alo

Prophet Sam Olu Alo

Nigerians have been urged to be united and show love to one another for the country to overcome its myriad of challenges.

The Coordinator, CAC Joseph Ayo Babalola Memorial Miracle Camp, Ikeji, Osun State, Prophet Sam Olu Alo attributed a lack of genuine love to numerous problems the country is facing.

He also counselled Nigerian leaders to always put the interests of the people at heart by coming up with policies and programmes that will alleviate their suffering.

Prophet Alo spoke in his home town, Ido Ekiti in the Ido-Osi Local Government Area of Ekiti State, at the annual Sam Olu Alo Foundation program for youth empowerment, scholarship and elderly care programme.

The cleric, who is the planter of Christ Apostolic Church, Adamimogo outreach, said all Nigerians irrespective of their religion and ethnicity must return to God and see themselves as one, then things will change for good.

"There must be genuine love among Nigerians. It is a lack of love among the citizenry that is responsible for all these challenges.

“When we love genuinely, things will get better in Nigeria. It is love that will make someone put others first. I am not doing this for politics but for love and to assist the less privileged because I will remain a man of God for life.

"Some of these things being distributed will go to some mosques and churches in the town other than CAC, that is how it should be.

“We must seek for love, if there is no genuine love it will be difficult for us to experience perfect peace and rest in our land”.

On the need for Nigerian leaders to always show love to the people by delivering good governance, he said, ” If a governor has a genuine love for his people, he will do the right thing that will speak for him while in office and when they are no longer there.

“It is love that people saw in people like Chief Obafemi Awolowo which make them identify with him and continued to eulogise them even after their death several years ago.

"If late Chief Awolowo did not love his people, he will not establish the best university, first television station in Africa and gave free education to the people. It is because they love the people and the nation. This kind of love is lacking today, that why you will see blood brothers taking arms against each other because of political position, even in the Christendom, there is segregation”.

He, however, urged Nigerians to work hard to become somebody in order to be a source of blessing to others.

“The time has come to give back to society. Government alone cannot do it. We need to show love, support and give succour to the less privileged and the vulnerable in our society,” he added.

“If whatever wealth being amassed is not making anybody happy, then such wealth is useless”.

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