Nigeria needs deliverance from oppression of darkness, we need another Babalola, Idahosa, says Cleric

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Minister in Charge of Christ Apostolic Church, Chapel of Testimony, Ilogbo, Lagos, Pastor Bunmi Babatubde has said that Nigeria needs deliverance and that is why the church needs another Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola and Bishop Benson Idahosa.

Pastor Babatunde who stated this in a release titled "My Take & Views About all of these Protest, Bad Governance" said the government that is waiting eagerly for the manifestation of the Babalolas for deliverance from oppression of darkness.

In his exact words; "It's like the black pots of Clerics are pointing leprous fingers at the clay-footed politicians! Which is higher; the servant chosen from 'above' or the one chosen from 'below'? Fundamental question to ask & that begs for answer is, what exactly is the meaningful role of the Church in the society now? Didn't the Lord define our role by the identity of Salt & Light, for the purpose of maximum impact of influence on our society to reconfigure the spiritual atmosphere? The Apostle of God, Babalola singularly withstood the demons of the World War II after praying for days on the mountain top, & when he came down he declared 'Hitler will be found no more' & the war didn't only end, but till today, even Hitler's carcass couldn't be located. At a point, he said he perceived the smell of gunpowder, which meant war over Nigeria. But he went to the mountain of prayer & declared, in my time, there shall be no war over Nigeria. Unfortunately, eight years after this Battle Axe of God had departed, the civil war broke out in Nigeria. Another testimony of this hinderer of lawlessness was that by the direction of the Lord, he went to the mountain top & prayed out the wealth of Nigeria; that year, Crude Oil was discovered in Nigeria. 

"Question is with the number of churches, Apostles (senior & superior), Prophets & Seers, Evangelists Teachers, how come Covid-19 locked the church against us. Covid-19 was the revealer of how disunited & disconnected the church has been! We spoke like Babelians in thousand tongues:  "open the church"  "don't open the church". Some even opened their church auditoriums as isolation centres to appease 'almighty' Corona. Now, the Church again jumped to the streets with the Youths to protest against the government; a government who's not only under the oppression of demonic overlords but also under consistent curses & condemnation from 'anointed lips', a government that is waiting eagerly for the manifestation of the Babalolas for deliverance from oppression of darkness Rom8:19. If the Son didn't manifest in Idahosa, won't witchcraft overwhelm polity called Nigeria then? The contemporary Sons of Issachar should know that all the demons Babalola sent into captivity are back seven times violently more powerful & destructive!!!"

"The religious leaders of Israel joined mourners at Lazarus funeral until the Son Manifested & the pity party became amazed party & glorified God.Isn't it funny that the church is gloating over the comatose Nigerian state instead of dealing decisively violently with the bondage & yoke repairer? Ain't the demons sent into captivity by Babalola back through the mindless blood-letting satanic agents: BokoAram, Fulani herdsmen, Money Ritualists, rampant Youth Occultism etc Rom 8:21"Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God." The Deep calls to the deep b'cos the physical is subject to the spiritual."

"The church has given in to the cheap emotion of judgement & condemnation. I thought the sustained virulent attacks on the Church & her leadership from this same Youths should have taught the Church to soul-search; why is our salt trampled so viciously & our lights snuffed out? Beloved, LET'S CRY FOR REVIVAL!!! Heaven is waiting! Psm 101:3"Thy people shall be willing......."

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