CAC Oke Igbala DCC witnesses double celebrations, holds birthday, induction services

Christ Apostolic Church, One Igbala Districts' Coordinating Council (DCC), Akure, Ondo State, recently witnessed double celebrations which were birthday ceremony and induction service.

The church held birthday ceremony for her DCC Superintendent, Pastor Solomon A. Olaiya and he was formally inducted by the Authority of CAC Worldwide as the Superintendent of Oke Igbala DCC.

The Birthday party was well attended by Elders and members of CAC Oke Igbala DCC. Some of the notable people in attendance are Pastor E. O. Lawrence (Curate), Pastor Samuel Bamidele, Pastor R. A. Olonade, Pastor Adegunsoye and Pastor Adeyemi Oluyemi of C. A. C. Agbara Jesuwasibe among others.

Prayers were said to God Almighty for the celebrant and his family while a group photograph was taken to mark the day.

Meanwhile, the Regional Superintendent of Odubanjo Region, Pastor D. I. O. Edoh who represented the church authority conducted the induction service. 

While welcoming the new DCC Superintendent, Pastor Olaiya and his wife, Pastor Edoh advised him not to disappoint God and CAC Authority as his posting to CAC  Oke Igbala DCC, Akure was a result of his previous performances as a true child of God in all his former stations.

In the Welcome Address read by the CAC Oke Igbala DCC Secretary, Pastor M. K. Oyebode and was corroborated later by all the District Superintendents and Elder Ademola Popoola (C. A. C. Oke Igbala DCC PRO), they affirmed that Pastor Olaiya reported at Akure on the 8th of January, 2020. 

According to Pastor Oyebode, Pastor Olaiya met zero Bank account both at the headquarters and at the DCC level and within the period of six months before his induction he has been found to be a dynamic man of God, a well groomed, industrious, visionary, seasoned administrator, great developer and a brave lieutenant of Christ.

The complete modernisation of the Mission House, the DCC Superintendent's Office and the Church Building environment were among numerous achievements of Pastor Olaiya. 

Eminent personalities that graced the occasion were Pastor S.O. Akinsulure (The Emeritus Superintendent of Odubanjo Region), Pastor J. A. Asekere, Pastor G. O. Oluyede, Pastor Dayo Oluwamakin (Regional Secretary), Pastor S. O. Aluko  (CAC Sunday School Director), Representatives of C. A. C. Oke Ayo DCC, Ikare Akoko, Apostle (Dr) Z. B. Adeboriota (State Grand Patron of CPFN) and all District Superintendents of C. A. C. Oke Igbala DCC, Akure.

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