Why Federal Government should consider reopening of worship centres- Prophet Ologbonyo

Prophet Ade Ologbonyo

By 'Gbenga Bankole

It is high time worship centers  {Churches, Mosques etc} in Nigeria are re-opened for worship, says the Planter of Christ Apostolic Church, Church of Boanerges, Prophet Ade Ologbonyo, as he urged Federal Government to consider reopening and let worshippers serve their maker according to their religious tenets/faiths.

He said these are places that keep people united and relieve their emotional imbalances.

Prophet Ologbonyo stated this
in a release obtained by CAC News entitled "A Clarion Call for Reopening of Religious places of Worship."

While acknowledging some States in the country like Ebonyi, Abia, Anambra and Cross River that maintained their stands of opening religious places of worship, the Cleric said each State’s leadership should be allowed to decide what they deem suitable for their respective States.

According to him, millions of Nigerians embrace congregational worship as an essential part of their lifestyle, adding that no religious leader wants bad things to happen to their congregation and will do everything possible to make them safe.

"In Nigeria, we need more prayers now than ever before and congregational prayers can help us tremendously. It is my belief that we can come together in one accord and pray unto God for divine intervention over this Coronavirus and the Lord will hear our cries, (Jeremiah 33:3 )and heal our land from this deadly scourge."

"Now is the time that all relevant stakeholders in the corridors of power should put heads together with the team in the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 and resolve to let our worship centres be reopened.
God will be more pleased  that we do not derail from his scriptural instructions," Prophet Ologbonyo stated.

He saluted the courage of governments and the Director General, National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), Dr. Chikwe Ihekweazu, for resilient efforts at curbing the COVID-19 pandemic that is ravaging our nation in this critical period.We pray that the Lord will put a total end to it in Jesus name," the Prophet said.


  1. It's a good thing to worship and appear in the presence of God.

    The word of God will ever prevail at all time according to Proverb 29:2 #When the godly are in authority, the people rejoice. But when the wicked are in power, they groan.#

    The fact we need to recognise about current Nigerian government is that
    1. it is the Politicians that are in power not leaders.
    And politicians will never listen to a piece of advice because they will politicise everything to satisfy their interest but leaders do.

    2. The only language politicians understand is #FORCE#
    They make followers by force, the do their campaigns with force, they conduct both primary and tertiary election by force, they make decrees by force without considering its havoc on citizens, they gain influence and connection by force and they always assume position by force.

    Therefore, they need an extreme force to forcefully force their Force and opinions out of our Force.

    They succumb once they know there is a force that is more extreme than their Force on throne.
    Giving them advice or pleading cannot give us the results we are expecting.

    God bless you sir for this.

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