"What do you see?" by Pastor Adesoji

Pastor Timothy O.A. Adesoji

The eye plays significant role in the well-being of a man and being a prominent sense organ, it's value in carrying out day to day activities of man cannot be underestimated. As valuable as the eye is, what people see with theirs differs from one person to the other.

Considering the caption GODISNOWHERE, two major sentences can be isolated depending on what we could picture. As a person, you could read as 'GOD IS NO WHERE' but if you could look deeply, you could as well see and read as 'GOD IS NOW HERE'. The above sentences give individually different interpretations to the above caption. Hence, what you see has a prominent role to play in determining what you become or what becomes of you in the years to come.

In II Kings chapter 6, we read of the king of Syria who sent horses, chariots and great host just to capture Elisha. Elisha's servant trembled with fear upon sighting the horses and chariots that encompassed him and his master, but his master was seeing something different. While Gehazi was picturing earthly warriors, his master, Elisha was picturing an heavenly host. Not until the servant's eyes were opened in verse 17, he wasn't able to see what his master Elisha could see. The twelve spies that were sent on a mission to the land of Canaan came back to give an account of their ordeal after they had fulfilled their task. The twelve had examined the land with their eyes and initially, they saw and reported the same thing. In the concluding verses of Numbers Chapter 13, ten of the spies concluded by saying "And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers and so we were in their sight." While Caleb and Joshua saw from a perspective of victory, the other ten saw from a perspective of fear.

 Many times, when you are faced with a challenge, a difficult task, or a mountain that seems insurmountable, my question for you is "what do you see ahead"? In Exodus chapter 14, the Israelites had before them the red sea, while behind them was a great host of Egyptians seeking to devour them. They were frightened, threatened and even lost the hope of survival. They could not see God's plan ahead of them except for Moses whom God used for their escape. What has the doctor said concerning that sickness? What has the teacher said concerning your academics? What has the prophet said concerning your future? What matters is not what others see or say concerning you, but that which is important is if you can see in God's own perspective.

In this period of global economic recession and pandemic ravaging the entire world, what are you beginning to see concerning our dear Nation, Nigeria? Are you among the people who speak ill of this nation as if things will continue this way or are you part of the few who still sees this country as God's own nation? No matter the challenges we might be experiencing as a nation, no matter the level of economic recession, no matter the rate of exchange, no matter the financial mess the country is at the moment, what I see is a better Nigeria, what I see is a country flowing with milk and honey, what I see is a country that will return to its place as the Giant of Africa. Then, I ask again, what do you see about Nigeria?

In conclusion , if you want to always see in God's own perspective, then you must always learn to look up to Jesus no matter the situation. The psalmist in Psalm 121:1 and 2 enjoins us to lift our eyes unto God for help while Hebrews 12:2 commands us to look up to Jesus, the Author and the Finisher of our faith. When next you are asked, what do you see? Tell them, I see Jesus!



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