"Prayer Time" with Pastor 'Femi Olorunnisola

“Lord, how are they increased that troubled me! Many are they that rise up against me.
Many there be which say of my soul, There is no help for him in God. Selah.
But you, O Lord, are a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of my head.” – Psalm 3:1-3.

When you suffer severe headaches, the whole body may not function well because the head is in pain. The doctor will advise that you put your body to rest. Sometimes the head may be having constant aches, even when the other parts of the body are functioning pretty well. As a result, the body will also not function, as it should. The eyes may have good vision and could see pretty well. The hands may be strong and blessed to possess great things. The legs may be strong, steady and well established. However, when the head is sick and struggling to survive, the whole body will also struggle to survive. Have you ever have a severe headache that had made your eyes to be blurry and dizzy, hands to be shaking, your tongue can’t taste anything, speech becomes slurry, you become nauseated at every smell and odor, legs wobbling that you can’t stand on your feet, and the whole body shivering, you want to or actually throw up?

That is what happens in the spiritual realm too when the head is sick or struggling with pains – visions become blurry, the voice becomes ceased, hands and legs become weak and feeble, and the whole body becomes weak. That is the survival mode of life.

A struggling head makes the efforts of other parts of the body worthless. This is where people take advantage of the man or woman with a bad head but a good body. They will not tell you that your head needs healing, leaving and revival. They will use all the resources your hands can possess because those achievements do you no good since your head is sick. People take advantage of your hands because they are blessed and even claim all your blessings and achievements to be theirs and of their doings because your head is sick and struggling. So your hands will be working for the success of another person’s head while your head is struggling to survive.

You see the good and future for others because your eyes are working very fine and can see well, but you cannot see your own future because your head is sick. They take advantage of your good sight, insight, and foresight, and make your eyes see their success while you are struggling to survive because your head is sick.

A sick head is a sick body.
A sick head is an enslaved body.
A struggling head is a struggling body.

This is the case of someone who works for an establishment or for a person for years without any achievement. With his hands, the establishment has received abundant blessings and made great changes. With his ideas, the establishment had grown. And when it was time to retire or leave (that is if they ever leave and not be enslaved for life) they were given peanuts for their years of working and toiling.

I want you to hold your head and  and speak the Word of God to it. "My head, hear the Word of the Lord! Receive healing in Jesus name!
Fire of Revival to fulfill my purpose in life, fall upon my head! My God! My Maker! Heal my head, and make me whole again!

In Jesus name I pray! Amen!
God bless you real good.

Your friend and brother,

Pastor 'Femi Olorunnisola
CAC Living Waters
York, Pennsylvania, USA.
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