God is always eager to help anyone who turns to Him for help in faith- Pastor Odesola

Pastor Taye Odesola

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Minister in Charge of Christ Apostolic Church, New Life Assembly, Ibadan, Pastor Taye Odesola has said God is always eager to help anyone who turns to Him for help in faith.

He however said that most of us hardly wait after our prayer to hear what God has to say, noting that we often turn prayer into a one-way traffic and in the end, we tend to conclude in error that God does not answer prayers.

Pastor Odesola stated this in his message entitled "How to Thrive during Lockdown (1)."

He said God promises to bless us only if we diligently heed His voice and do as He directs, citing Deuteronomy chapter 28 verses 1 to14.

"Do you have time to listen to God and hear what He wants you to do to connect with the blessings He has provided for you? Do you have time to read and study your Bible and meditate on what you read and study? Think about it," Pastor Odesola stated.

The former Director of Publicity, CAC Worldwide also urged everyone to maintain strong intimacy with God, adding that  this is God's world, and He is in control of everything that happens in it ( Job 22:21; John 15:4-5).

"Be always thankful, even when things are tight and life is tough. A thankful heart boosts our tolerance level and enables us to face tough times with a positive mental attitude. Thank God for the gift of life. Believe that if God gives you life, He will definitely give you what you need to live, survive and thrive during this lockdown. He who supplies the oxygen you are using to remain alive will supply your other basic needs. Therefore do like that giant of faith, George Muller, thank God for expected supply - even when you don't know how and where it will come from."

"Be anxious for nothing. Anxiety never solves the problem of lack. It always worsens it. Live by faith and live worry-free. Read Phillipians 4:6-7; Matt. 6:25-34.
Make your needs known to God in prayer. George Muller needed breakfast for over 2000 children in his orphanage and there was absolutely nothing in the food store. He directed all the children to get their plates, spoons, forks and cups ready as if they were about to be served food. Then he prayed a simple prayer of faith and thanked God for the food He had supplied. Workers in the orphanage exchanged glances, wondering: "Where's the food?" But before he finished saying the grace, there were sounds at the entrance door outside the orphanage. Three cart loads of bread had arrived, followed by several horse-drawn carts that brought milk and eggs. The children were well fed and there were leftovers.George Muller's God is your God. Pray to Him by faith as Muller did, He will answer you and give you more than you asked for (read Jeremiah 33:1-3; Psalm 50:15; Ephesians 3:20)," the Cleric said.
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