“Keep a watch on your leakages” by Pastor Oladele

Pastor S.O. Oladele

In ancient Greek mythology, there is a legend of two brothers, both of whom were well-known and respected architects.  The king commissioned them to design and build a royal treasure house in which he could store his wealth. During the construction process, they became increasingly obsessed with a desire for the King’s treasure. Ingeniously, they devised a plan to place one of the stones in a manner that it could be removed without the king’s knowledge. So skillfully and meticulously was the work done that nobody except the two brothers had the slightest idea that the secret entrance existed.  After the completion of their work, they would from time-to-time  remove the stone and enter the treasury to steal from the  king’s treasure.  The  king  was amazed  to  discover  that  although  his locks and  seals remained  unbroken, his treasure  was slowly and steadily being  depleted  (As captured  from  the  preface  of David Ravenhill’s book title ‘Surviving the anointing’).

A leak is a crack, crevice, fissure, or hole which admits water, or other fluid,  or  let  it  escape.  Leakage is a waste of treasure through an opening. A leakage, in the context of the presence and the gift of the Holy Spirit in the body of Christ, is an escape route of spiritual gifts, anointing/power, special endowments/abilities, covenant,  or any divine treasure possessed.

Attaining heights of maturity in Christ costs so much and delivers precious spiritual virtues such that cannot be quantified. But it is quite unfortunate that the spiritual endowment received in a long-term and consistent sacrificial walk with Christ can deplete unimaginably in a short while. This is how wasteful spiritual leakages can be to us when we indulge ourselves or yield to whatever does not conform to the principles of Christ for us. Fasting, denial of soul-gratifying pleasures, consistent presence in Church services, etc.,  may have been sunk into building capacity for spiritual empowerment, but these painful sacrifices never count when the virtues possessed are leaking out to self-indulgence of any kind or all manners of unrighteousness. This is why we have not attained our desired spiritual heights in God in the proportion of our spiritual sacrifices,  because  we  fall  from  our great heights too often and faster than we rise.

Samson, in Judges 14:1-3, 15:1-5, 8, 14-16,  is a  major  example;  he had all he needed absolutely by divine provision. The two acts of his obedience recorded were adherence to keeping his hair intact and abstinence from alcohol. His careless fall on the laps of a dangerous woman was too sudden and incomparable to the decades of his preparation,  through  the  lovely  team-work of his God-fearing parents and the special love of God for him. Samson was not just powerful, he was anointed as the most powerful human that ever existed but his fall was too cheap compared to the immeasurable deposit of God into him.  Despite the list of signals exposing the evil intentions of his subtle lover, he blindly fell because he was insensitive to his emotional weakness through which his anointing and life depleted to an helpless state of choosing to abruptly terminating his life in the midst of his adversaries, what a pity!

Peter, in another instance, lamenting over the fall of Judas, sobbing so deeply that  ‘…he was numbered  among  us and was allotted his share in this ministry.”(Now  this  man  acquired  a  field  with  the  reward  of  his  wickedness, and falling  headlong,  he burst open in the middle  and all  his bowels gushed out.’  Acts 1:17-18 (ESV). His fall was a great loss to the Apostles, he lost all the impartations  of Jesus on him. Would you ever imagine that the same provision encounter and the future promise of Holy Spirit, that made Peter and the rest of the disciples what they were eventually after the ascension of Jesus Christ, was the same treasure Judas  shared? I think you can still pick the memory of when Jesus sent His disciples out on their ministerial practicum, demons also bowed to Judas just as other experienced. So, Judas also  healed  the  sick like  others by his share of Jesus' anointing; all these and his portion in becoming a pioneer apostle of the Church gushed out when his bowel busted, and got wasted on the premise of his leakage - greed, stealing and murder. His main weakness is ‘love of money.’ If you can recall the scene in John 12:1-8, when Jesus stopped by at Bethany alongside His disciples to have dinner with Lazarus, Martha and Mary, where Mary took a pound of very expensive perfume of pure nard, and poured it on Jesus’  feet  and wiped it with her hair. Only Judas, of all other disciples, who may be there, reacted publicly in the dishonor of his master, ranting: ‘why was this perfume not sold for three hundred denary and  (the  money)  given  to  the  poor?’  the  Bible  exposed  his  motive,  Now, he  said  this  not  because  he  cared  about  the poor,  but  because he was a thief;  and since he had the money box (serving as treasurer  for the disciples), he used to pilfer what was put into it.’ Jesus shunned him instantly, with an intension to caution him, but he rather he became more strategic. I believe he had a lot of opportunities to repent but wouldn’t because he had lost his sense of followership,  hence, lost his position of leadership. His momentary cravings blinded him to his future heritage of  ministerial legendary in Christ. All that Jesus invested in him got drained on-the-spot as he hung himself - Judas, a truncated destiny! 

Picture your life and see which  of  these  or  any  other  Biblical  examples  expose your medium  of leakages.  The  effort  required  to  fall  is not the same as required to rise. All it takes to fall is to cheaply release yourself without exerting  any strength at all, you are already on the ground, but to rise, you will need to engage your mind in strategic calculations, stretch of hands,  flex  muscle, and  application of expertise and experiences gathered over time.  Rising is not magical; it follows a  set of processes and adherence to specific principles.

Every Child of God is endowed with spiritual treasures that make the Christian journey and life pursuit easy and successful. We carry power to get wealth, Spiritual blessings in heavenly places, Grace of son-ship, power to do all things through Christ who strengthens to heal, deliver, convert souls, convict sin, be holy, pray  right,  be baptise in the Holy Spirit, and a lot more. These are our spiritual treasures and strengths in Christ, and losing then is loss of heritage. Your leakage could be laziness  - Romans 12:11, Matthew 25:14, disobedience, Pride, Covetousness/Greed - Matthew 26:15, Sexual Immorality/Indiscipline 1Kings  11:13, Stubborn heart or a seared conscience - 1Samuel 15:13-22. Saul began as God’s  first  anointed  king of Israel, had a prophetic encounter with prophets and shared in their gift of prophecy, yet, ended  his life  miserably with these sad but poignant words: “I have played the fool; I have erred exceedingly  (1 Samuel  26:21). An anointed  man  of God who combined  the  prophetic  with his kingship,  deflated  to  the  point  of  not having a channel of  communication  with God anymore, but resolved to consulting the dead for solution to his confusion; what a tragic ending to such a promising beginning!

This is how disastrous and molesting it could be if people who had once attained  a height in their relationships with God, enlightened, and have tasted of the heavenly gift, and were made partakers of the Holy Ghost, and had tasted  the good word of God, and the  powers of the  world to come; if they  shall  fall  away, they  sustain soul-piercing injury, lose the dividends and endowments of all their spiritual encounters, fall prey of the end-time perils.

Keep fit spiritually, block all your leakages Hebrews 6:4-6, ‘Be  sober, be  vigilant;  because  your  adversary the devil, as  a  roaring  lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.’  1Peter 5:8

~An excerpt from the book titled "Standard of Christian Living" by the above writer.

Pastor Samuel Olu Oladele
Minister in Charge,
English Assembly,
CAC General Headquarters,
Ebute-Elefun, Lagos.


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